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oily frog

By pimecomb
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last semester i had an oil painting class, occasionally we were allowed to choose our own subjects.
i wanted to do a tribute to Jim Henson, and, well, here it is. :)

don't mind the dark line across his nose, it took two shots to fully scan it in, then i pasted them together in MS paint.

it does carry a message, but in serious works i believe its better to leave that yo my audience's interpretation.
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Ghoooooost frooooog. Awesome work here
Robotdork1985's avatar
I need one of theses to go above my fireplace
:deviation: all i need next is the fireplace!!
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[link] tell me what this painting looks like to you. don't read the title first though. :O_o:
Robotdork1985's avatar
wow someone painted a Peter! Wow just what I wanted to see:fork:
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you don't believe me about the hidden doodleydo in your painting do you?
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i believe that you believe in it. and as they say- you can believe whatever you want but it does not make it true. i think it is an observation of positive and negative space, if that makes you feel better
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that works. its certainly just a coincidence, judging from your constant denial. and if the artist doesn't know what they painted who else is to say? :nod:
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thats pretty awesome!!!
smurfmeat's avatar
coo! It's like... so adorable and friendly but... no pupils. Coraline type terrifying.
pimecomb's avatar
you seen caroline?? :D
:O_o:so its creepy huh?

an thanks :D
megasean3000's avatar
:O This is well done :D Looks like something you find in a museum XD
RABies-RABbit's avatar
Damn good. You're better than I am with oils.
pimecomb's avatar
no way :)
but thanks:D

i still have a long way to go to catch up to any of your other work though.
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Great work! I love it :D I had a professor who sounded like Kermit the frog once...
Raku-Gosha's avatar
:iconkermityayplz: this is bad ass... my level of appreciation for Western cartoons and your art has really gone up!

Anime art can not capture epic like this can!
pimecomb's avatar
thanks a lot :D
this is just what happens when i really lean into it, i don't usually spend an hour and a half on one pic.

and where do you find those things? do you just keep typing :blanketyblankblankblankaplz: until you hit a winner?
Raku-Gosha's avatar
Yeah. I am glad to compliment this piece. Perhaps it will encourage you to spend more time on your work :icongrin--plz:

Yeah you hit the nail there. I just type things I think people might post up like Duke Nukem :iconballsofsteelplz: and see if it works. That and I remember the ones I like that other people use.
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Hey Kermie!

Very nice painting. Oddly moving and weird. Love it!
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