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By Pimander1446
Steven Universe Crossover.

I made the ponies into Gems, respectively : Aquamarine(PinkiePie) and BlackStar(Pitch)
Fusioning together to become Serendibite...

Lets say i was kinda bored and not very creative today.
And also my Drawing Program decided it cannot save the file, so i had to screenshot this -.-

Dedicate it to :iconjadedjynx: tell her i already catch up with the show >>
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Hang on a second...Sherlock Holmes *Observes the fusion between Pinkie Pie and Pitch really closely* Hmm...*In my head...

Serendibite looks somewhat familiar to someone else, but I can't seem get my finger on it...Confused Mario  Maybe...her?'Everyone else under our spell...' cause of the style of the hair, or... her?Garnet Emote 4  because of the color of the coat? Maybe a fusion between these two?

Or perhaps it's someone from the 80s?  I'm really don't know.:baffled:  Shrug 
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hahaha xD Yeah.

Nah i didnt use any character in special. I just drew something random xD
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OMG IS THAT?! oh wait, nvm its a fusion of you with Aquamarine (Pinkie Pie). ^-^'

looks really cool that fusion. :3
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xD Whut? heh.
heheh Yeah xD its a fusion.
Thanks xD
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She is só cool!
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Ponify EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pimander1446's avatar
>.< NOPE I dont like ponyfying
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Awesome! It reminds me of Him from power puff girls!Blossom Blinkie 
Pimander1446's avatar
xD Yes i know... people said it already and its weird xD Cause i didn't realize while drawing
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you dedicated this too me? How come? XD I feel honored (I think LOL)

It's very well drawn, though I haven't seen the show yet, I hear many people telling me of how good it is!
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xD Well.
I watched GravityFalls, with wich i had to catch up and all so i wouldnt get spoilers.
And after that i started Steven Universe, that i didn't expect to be good enough to fill the hiatus for GF!

So its my turn to brandish you a show to watch ><. I guess.
The horror! the horror!
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hahaha xD Oh my!
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Gems, good for selling.
TheLoudMouthScout's avatar
Lol indeed my friend.
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oh....oh... did i heard a steven universe reference?!
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hehe Yesh! Exactly ^^ I should submit the little fanart ive done of SU
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Fusion... ha! 

me pregunto si la fusion sera bipolar? XD
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