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Scare Master - (Thumbnail ILoveKimPossibleALot)

By Pimander1446
So, :iconilovekimpossiblealot: Asked me for a Thumbnail ART for her Halloween Special this year ^^

Here it IS! Took me around 3 days to finish it ^^ It's the first time i put this many characters (8) in the same picture!
Sad the drawing does not appear in the video, just in the thumbnails as tiny image. So here you have the big version of it.

OC of :iconilovekimpossiblealot:

LINK to the Halloween Review:…
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Scary Song:
Heroes - shadows
Taking you apart
Heroes - shadows
They want you tonight
To heal you tonight

The wrong side of midnight
The beast walks alone
No time for the hour
There's blood on the bone
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They are so fight less
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Well there is one thing that really bothers me. Why didn't Twilight and her friends fight back? I've seen them fight monsters like changelings for example.
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Yeah xD That bothered me too a lot xD IT was like : OH CMON!! You have MAGIC!
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wow, I totally love their expressions in this picture, specially Pinkie xD
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OH thanks a lot ^^
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A great piece from a great episode!
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I'm not sure if Spike is frowning or smiling
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Aww, KP and her episodes. If that thumbnail honour isn't horsefame - I don't know what is!
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I saw ILikeKimPossibleALot in the image before I saw the description. Confused me for a quick second, there.
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O i see ^^ Yeah. It was for her ^^U
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They encounter more dangerous and deadly creatures and they are terrified by Vampshy? Somehow, they were disappointing in that scene. Use your magic Twi!

Wonderful work
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I'd say it was perfectly understandable. Yeah, you fight things, but it's your friend, for Faust's sake. Would YOU not be scared if not OF, then FOR your friend, that you thought you fixed? Yeah, They fought Nightmare moon, but it's really hard to fight someone with a face of a friend.
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Who's talking about offense? She could have just held her with her magic.
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OK, let's try a different tactics. You're a SWAT officer or a soldier. Do you go to a Halloween to fight people in costumes, or to get scared?
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Well for starter an officer SWAT officer must wear its uniform to be considered in function. This is a case of fear vs thread. The ponies is the show shown no resistance whatsoever and were terrified. They haven't recognized Fluttershy until she shown herself. So, Nightmare Night or not they could have been on defensive, protect each others especially after all those dangerous creatures they faced in the past. Remember the fights against the changelings? Of course Twilight would have not hurt her friend if she known it was her.

If you were attacked by your friend wearing a full body costume that so you CAN'T recognized, would you be in defensive despite being in Halloween and knowing that its scary for fun. But what about it goes beyond play and you get scared, you would try to defend yourself do you? I know your friend could not, but some can become jerks and this. You would try to hold or stop him or her and others for help? That was I meant for Twilight to do.
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Not on duty, and he sees his close buddy twisted.
They recognized Vampireshy. Their friend as twisted pony. They pulled her name when they realized that it was really Fluttershy who came up with the underground cave.
Think like this:
Your friends spits out fake fangs(setting that transformation is possible) - "Bob?! You came up with the idea?!"

So, recap the setting.
You're a hero, but you're offduty. You are celebrating Halloween. You see your friend transformed(this already happened before), and seemingly going for you. Your actions?
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You tell him to stop and warn him you would take action if he doesn't. If he doesn't reason and the latter happens, you ask your other friends to help you to stop him before he hurts himself and/or others. If you need to go physical, well you'll may have no choice and tie him down. Then if your attempt to calm him down so he would reason fails, well you wait he does. But I have no experience on the matter. I suppose it would be the best way.

Unless that's what you want me to say.
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Oh, yeah, while he's running at you...
"Cease and des..."
Either you let you instincts do the talking, and hit him, or in your imagination he mauls you in a few seconds, or you get a running hug or he just bumps you, 'cause he couldn't stop in time.
You're speaking from comfort of a room. While you might laugh about the joke later, you just can't react in a calm manner to a scare. Either hit, run, or be killed in your imagination in a few seconds.

Edit: Ohh, play a scary game. You know a horror genre. Slender, FNAF, Outlast... It's a game, and it's on your screen, not even VR goggles. Can you just react calmly on a scare? Unless you really don't care about what happens to you(you're fear emotion is absent) you will NOT do anything sensible.
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