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PPS: The Cyber Turner 14

By Pimander1446

MLP;FiM is owned by "Hasbro" and "Lauren Faust"

English isn´t my native Lenguage.
Please note me if you find something wrong in my comics.
This comic is a Tribute to the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who.
All scenes Hand-drawn. Characters belong to me.

And we are Back!
It's been so long, that even my comic style lightly impoved from last page to this one ^^U
You remember what happened till now? Take a look back!
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© 2015 - 2021 Pimander1446
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Note: Follow my comments from pg. 14-17.

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A lovely bit of scenery in that first panel!
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huh i atually kind of like the style of this page better than the other ones
Pimander1446's avatar
Oh well thanks ^^
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PITCH! You are back! YAY! \o\

(Also, the "pre" link is getting back here. @_@)
Pimander1446's avatar
xD HEh sorry for being late ;)

(WHAT?! .... DA always messing the links..)
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:D:D:D It's here!! You really left us on a cliff hanger :P

Lol, raging on the way down and still raging out of the water. I'm just so happy we got a couple new pages now!
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hehehe xD Yeah i did xD It was funny.. at least the first few months XD
hehehe OH thats true xD I didn't think of that xD hahaha.

Yeah ^^ Two new pages. Next year another =P
Well, where'd the fun be if she hadn't? She wouldn't enjoy that much, and neither would you.
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I know ^^U We need the character to survive to continue the story xD
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Well some jackass is getting his flank kicked.
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xD everyone mentioning his flank xD hehehehe
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Well it's such a tempting target.
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I hate when I have days like this. :)
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...And look who is going to get his flank kicked...
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heeheheh ^^U Oh my
TheUltimateGravoid's avatar
Well, that was what i imagine what pitch thinks at the moment. :D
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Oh I didn't know there was a pitch Comic, I must investigate.
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^^ Oh well thanks
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And I now just caught up very cool I thing I will be watching this now. Really interesting comic.
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OH well thanks a lot ^^
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