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Dragon Hug - Gauntlet of Fire

It's the first time i like a Spike Episode, and not thanks to Spike.

All the dragon characters interaction was pretty cool, and it's funny how they have to obey every order given by their leader.

And got nothing else to say here xD I'm so tired today!

Garble - MLP Hasbro
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Ponymote: - Not Amused - Pitch by Pimander1446 «Dragon.... in spirit, ya think much ?»
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O_o OK dude, unless you want a broken neck, you'd let her RIGHT now...
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Everybody still hating on Garble
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It´s Garble we´re talking about here. "Everyone still being nice to Garble." would fit better. :)
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I know but most antagonists on this show mostly change their ways in an odd numbered season anyway
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LOL!!!:D (Big Grin)  I got the popcorn, ready!
Plus, since all dragons, has to obey the dragon lord, maybe a pic of pitch confronting the former, giant, dragon lord?
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Why is this Pitch caracter so angry all the time? o_O
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and then Pitch got a new wallet made out of dragon skin
the end
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He's gonna get Pitched like a baseball.
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Pikachu-lol jajaj parece que a stichno le gusta que rebasen su espacio personal
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hehe ^^U No le gusta mucho que la toquen, no
( Pitch    Stitch es este otro ---> Stitch hi plz )
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Silly Pikachu plz ufff  sorrt pequeño error
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hehehe LOL !!!!  XD
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Whose Death Will Not Be Mourned
A. Garble
B. Garble
C. Garble
D. Garble
E. You Fucking Guessed It
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