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BlueGem COMIC -- Page 015

By Pimander1446
Drawn and written by me Pimander1446 
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Comic Synopsis
A friend got cursed by the miss-use of a blue gem! Now Discord has to find a way to undoo it without letting anypony find out!

Main Characters: 
Discord Icon 3 Ponymote: - Not Amused - Pitch  But I didn't listen (Pinkie Pie) PLZ  Happy Fluttershy  twilight sparkle mlp (oh my god) plz ... + Other secondaries
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How's the food there? I'm allergic to stone cuisine.
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heh xD I doubt there is food
So, like Fleece Johnson?.... Owo
Never mind.... *snicker*...
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Oooh! Will Iron Will be there?

get it! Cause he's a Minotaur! XD
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hohoho xD Didn't think of that
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Greek joke is awesome! XD
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Tartarus 2.0. Where you can not escape just because the guard go to take a walk.
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I nearly died laughing at that first panel!

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Om nom nom nommm

That was just beautiful xDD
Pimander1446's avatar
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Loving this comic so far.
Pimander1446's avatar
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You're welcome.
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Well then, this complicates things a bit.
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Oooh, sounds interesting. I'll wager the inside of the labyrinth changes shape to make it inescapable. (This is just my bet though.)
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hehehe xD
That would be for sure. I based it on the Labyrinth, from david bowie
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