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Turning the Tables, v1.0



In post-Soviet Mongolia, ornithomimid kills you (if you're a tyrannosaurid)!

Inspired by the last line of this LITC post. I'm sure my skill is nothing compared to Niroot's, but the idea sounded fun. Idea courtesy of Dave Orr - so this pic is dedicated to him. Who also brought along the soundtrack for drawing it.

An adult Gallimimus bullatus - a 6 m ++ ostrich mimic standing as tall as a human at its hip - kicks a very young Tarbosaurus (yeah, it's not a half-arse Adasaurus ;)), who has come too close to the ornithomimid's chick(s), into nowhere. Turning the tables, and showing just how damn big Gallimimus was. I will probably update it with a bigger, ~5 m Tarbosaurus subadult though.

The Tarbosaurus baby's right hindlimb is partially disarticulated from the hip joint, right where the ornithomimid kicked at, at the moment I "captured" in the drawing. Making more complete contact with its body, it probably bashed in several ribs of the unfortunate young predator and maybe parts of the sacrum, ripping the backbone at hip level, not to speak of internal injuries. Ostriches can kill lions with kicks, so go figure what's a kicking 1000 lbs ornithomimid is gonna do to a tyrant chick a whole order of magnitude smaller.

I certainly agree that ornithomimosaurs need more love. That's why they're widely present in the very small sample which is my dA artwork.

Refs for the adult Galli by Scott Hartman, for the juvenile Galli by GSP, for the baby Tarb by Ville Sinkkonen.
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"Ostriches can kill lions with kicks"

Not only have I never seen a scholarly, reliable source that substantiates this claim, but the claim itself just sounds highly extraordinary and exaggerated. So I'm highly skeptical of this notion.