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Turning the Tables, WIP v1.2



Upping the threat to a ~700 kg teenage Tarbosaurus, mother Gallimimus gets support from an exceptionally large male (here you got your 8 m specimen, made by using the same skeletal at the same size just because of the distance ... er ... because of my lazyness :D) dashing in from the background. Minor sexual dimorphism is visible in the feathered "sac" hanging down from the male's lower neck, and its longer tail display protofeathers.

More to add - background, juveniles, water/mud effects, and the like.

Not the best drawing, but it has been a nice chance to improve my very rudimentary skills of drawing something else than one lateral-view animal with nothing else on the sheet.

To be continued (especially re: scanner quality, with the way too sculpted drumstick muscles and very dark eye without any discernible iris and eyelid on the foreground galli). I will eventually, of course, correct the shading and outlining errors. Consider the upcoming verions of this love letter to ornithomimid ass-kicking awesomeness some kind of liveblogging my progress in such a drawing :)

//Edit: Some minor improvements. The shoulder protofeathers of the foreground Galli were "flushed" to the torso and scapular girdle, and the Tarb's snout and postorbital area more "juvenilized". Thanks go out to theFingers and Tomozaurus, respectively. Thanks, guys! Still some things to sort out, and more to add.

Refs are from the same people as in the first version, minus Ville's baby Tarbosaurus reconstruction. The subadult Tarbosaurus is based on GSP's reconstruction of ZPAL MgD-I/3.

Keep comments and criticism coming!
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