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Hasty Achillobator update



Achillobator: Agony and Ecstasy in 8 Parts. Wimps and posers, leave my therizinosaur carcass.

Had a WIP of this in my Scraps folder. Tried to save it and make it acceptable. It's certainly not one of my best, but at least it's done.

Something with the upward bend of the tail is gravely wrong, but I can't put my finger on it. Comment and tell me, so I can fix it!

Edit: Fuck this shit. All my errors were removed, and the whole shebang colored, by Durbed's magnificent take on this one. Words can't express the awesome. You like this? Laaaaame. Check out Durbed's work.
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Have you updated it already? The only thing that looks slightly off to me is the base of the tail being a bit too low and thick (unless its covered by thick plumage, but doesn't seem to be the case), apart from too straight from the base. So, more or less what Scott said. Anyway, its still very good!