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A Feathered Tyrant, Not a Feathered Despot



The head of a subadult Yutyrannus huali, a moderately derived, really big, and _protofeathered_ tyrannosauroid.

Most who would come across this piece would know this anyway. As I said, the skull I used as a reference is that of the young ELDM V1001, so adults would have probably looked somewhat different. To put it as easy as possible, this thing is to the type what AMNH 5664 or TMP 91.36.500 are to the Gorgosaurus libratus type, and we would probably see some serious increase in depth, and, perhaps, binocular vision on its way toward adulthood. ZCDM 5000 and 5001 hint in this direction - alongside with shorter hind limb elements -, but are too fragmentary for me to comfortably draw them.

The bloaty thing adjacent to the nasal crest is some weird inflateable air sac stuff based on the number of holes and recesses in this area - I don't know if this is even possible, so let me know. Protofeather melanosome stuff is on the way, so once in the future, some of its colors will be revealed.

Reference is the original interpretative drawing, plus some de-crushing similar to the suggestions made by Scott Hartman.

//Edit: It's well possible I totally overdid the jugal boss, but as the more obliquely crushed skulls of ZCDM 5000 and 5001 are not depicted in any detail, it's hard to nail down the lateral extent of this thing.
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