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Lamborghini Reventon

i was looking thru page and i saw
that Lamborghini came out with a new car
and it was the Lamborghini Reventon, it reminds me of Robocop for some reason,
its sooo badass. and they had full sized ones so i decided to photoshop it and change it and personalize it.
the image is not by me, its from the Lamborghini Reventon release.
the background wall is from somwhere else, idk wehre i got it.

hope you guys like.

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ahhh god why does this car need to be so ESPENCIVEEE and LIMITEDDD?!? Lucky famous people get the reventon.... (-__-);   Thanks for the pic a lovely car :)
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Wow Amazing I like Lamborghini But can't afford it.
Thanks a lot for sharing..
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thats a very kool car and thats y i am going to add it to my faves.
BubbleTea19's avatar
My dream car! <3
TheDemon5's avatar
Now that's the shit. :thumbsup:;)

This [link] says it all to my most hated enemies.
WARNING: Contains hate, some language, and a bloody moment.

Don't forget to read my story. ^^ [link]

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Can you make one of the Nissan GTR?
AhsokaTanoFan2's avatar
badlook mean badass xDDD
amazing background and the car too
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sweet! hey, can i use this in an upcoming journal of mine?
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SeQuniX's avatar
Lamborghini Reventon in Ferrari red :D
AsGaRDiaN28's avatar
The Reventon is an incredibly Hot ass car. Thanks for doing this, I wanted to know how it would look in a different color. They are all being made with that aircraft gray. Red was a great choice...totally badass.
KoenigseggBG's avatar
Brilliant job, mate. :)
fuelie's avatar
Gorgeous tones, I love red/yellow colour combos. Dang sexy car, the pearly blood red shade is to die for.
Asylum101's avatar
One of my favorite cars!
I wish I could buy one, but even if I were rich enought I think only 20 were ever built
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That is really freaking awesome. :wow:
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hey man, can u post up the link for the flower brushes u used for this ?
mojolol23's avatar
i love lambos!!!
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