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Welcome to the Pillowing Trade Center! Here is a place to explore your options. Maybe you didn't click with your pillowing, maybe you're looking for something new? This is the right place to be! We're here to help you advertise!


Pillowings Trading and Reselling!Hey guys, I figure I see other people updating about it I better too.
As stated in my TERMS OF USE I must be informed about any trading or reselling of my adoptable species. You are also required to let the new owners know of my TERMS OF USE. I will not accept excuses of "I didn't know them" from new owners!
I retain all rights to have the FIRST CHANCE to buy back designs (At 50% of the cost as stated in my TOU) if I want too. Even if I don't want to purchase them back, it is a great way for me to keep up with who has what design and help prevent scamming. This is really important. I know it might seem like a hassle but I promise to try and reply same-day as your request to trade/resell/or regift any of my species.
This counts for Adoptables I do flat sales, autions, trades, or gifts.
This also counts towards MYO adoptables of my species. So if you want to give away a MYO

Rules of Trading and Selling:
:bulletblack: If you are selling a Pillowing, you must contact CloverCoin first. The artist has first dibs to repurchase the Pillowing at 50% of the original purchase price. (As outlined in the Terms of Use!)
:bulletblack: When you sell/trade your Pillowing, please inform us who you gave them too!
:bulletblack: Let us know when you have traded/sold your Pillowing so we can remove your listing.
:bulletblack: You can only sell your Pillowing for the original purchase price. If you need to find out how much a pillowing sold for, please contact CloverCoin. If you got your Pillowing in a trade, it must be trade only!
:bulletblack: Always respect your fellow users. If someone declines your offer do not harass them.
:bulletblack: To sell/trade a Pillowing you must be the current owner of it. Not your friends!
:bulletblack: PLEASE inform the new user of your Pillowing they must read the TOU!

Listing Form:

Pillowing: (Tag name and image reference)
Trade or Sale?:
Looking For: (More pillowing? Other adoptables? Money/Art?)
Notes: (Other random information)

(I will post journal ads here for people who are trading their pillowings.)

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Pillowing: MYO
Trade or Sale?: Trade
Looking For: Pillowings
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Hello! Pardon if I'm commenting in the wrong place. 

My MYO ticket was traded to user thalliumfire for a custom design.

Here's our comment thread to confirm:…

Hope this is okay! 
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I apologize if I post to the wrong section, just want to make sure I follow the rules to my best intent o v o !!

Trading MYO ID#121 to RayFierying
Proof of MYO:

Hope this is correct!!
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:iconkeldeos: traded their MYO slot to me~


Hope this is okay<3
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Pillowing: Cookies n' Cream by CannibaI Cookies and Crean
Trade or Sale: Trade!
Looking For: Other pillowings, sushi dogs, or Water dogs. Mainly seeking waterdogs.
Notes: Seeking females mainly, but anything goes.
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My MYO slot has been traded to KinqBoo !!
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My MYO slot has been traded to :iconfleecee:
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im trading my myo pillowing slot to Jes-AR
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my pillowing is now traded!
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Is this still open?!
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do you still have the slot?? ;w;
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;v; please..ive been desperatly looking EVERywhere for one

i have a MYO nebunine slot, which are very a bit pricy but worth it nowadays,people still love them ;w; please would you consider trading the slot and art pieces along with it? im sorry if i come off too beggy, im just glad i FINALLY found something =w=
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;w; can i offer other things?
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Uh if possible, can I trade art ? It's like my first time trading
I offer a full digital art with BG and shading
or a watercolor portrait of your OC 

im im totally fine if you aren't interested
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That is alright, but thank you so much for the reply ! I'm rather pleased ! ^^
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