Pillowing Pile CC Bank and Inventory (UPDATE!)

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The temporary bank spreadsheet is now online!

[ Pillowing Pile Bank and Inventory Spreadsheet ]

  • UPDATE 02/25/2017
Hey everyone, so as you guys figured during the last event (SAFE 2017) we finally hit the ceiling that DA journals allow for journals. So we are now officially in the process of starting our own bank system designed by our very own Provinite! In the mean time though we will be using google spreadsheet just so the group itself can keep trucking in the mean time. c: Hate for you peeps to not be able to register your new pillowings (MYO Pillowing Registration) or buy goodies from the Pillowing Pile Rewards Shop or Pillowing Pile Thrift Store (New Stock!)!

Thank you so much everyone for having patience with us while we sorted out this new problem. At least it's finally made us take a huge leap in a great direction! So excited to see our shiny new bank. <3

If you peeps have any questions or concerns about your bank balance or inventory please feel free to comment here to alert a mod!
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Hi! @TheNecromanticKing here, this is my new account, I'd like my "bank" ownership transferred here please! Thank you <3 (I don't think I currently have any currency, but I believe I needed to inform y'all here as well, so I am going ahead and doing that, apologies if I did not!)

Spiritburn's avatar

Hey there HexedNekomancy,

Terribly sorry about the delay on getting this done. (I promise, we're not usually this backed up but it's been a wild month)

Your bank and inventory has been updated from TheNecromanticKing to HexedNekomancy and should now be under the H tab.

Thank you so much for your patience with us, and if there's anything further that needs to be taken care of, please let us know~


TheNecromanticKing's avatar

Confirming this is me!

PillowHaunt's avatar

Hiya, apologies wasn’t sure if I should comment here as well but, I was fenrirshund/NumePlays, if I could get my bank name changed to this, PillowHaunt I’d appreciate it! Thank ya

PillowHaunt's avatar

Apologies again aha, I believe I’m in the bank on my og account Nodushaunt (marked as having 250 VC and 2 MYO, but I do believe I’ve used those as I’m pretty sure they were tickets for Note and Yang aha).

Spiritburn's avatar

Hey there PillowHaunt,

You are indeed correct that you were Nodushaunt in the bank. And that has now been updated.

And you are also correct in the Common MYO slots having been used already. Thank you for catching this and letting us know.

Everything should be up to date in the bank for you now :3

PillowHaunt's avatar

Thank ya kindly I appreciate the update! <3

P0PKI's avatar

I've changed my username from Sabelnik to P0PKI !

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Hello there P0PKI,

Unfortunately, it does not look like the user Sabelnik exists on the Pillowing Bank and Inventory sheet.

Did you go by another username before that?

If not, have you earned any Clovercoins or ever obtained any items within the group? (Because we add users when they get something in their bank/inventories, not when they get a pillowing.)

P0PKI's avatar

I purchased an Redesign Kit off of the Ko-fi back in January, weird that it wasn't added :s

I have proof here; https://sta.sh/2ihjk9047m5?edit=1

Spiritburn's avatar

I am terribly sorry about that!

You have been added to the bank under your current name and now have the Redesign Kit in your inventory :3

P0PKI's avatar
Okay, thank you so much!
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Hi! This is a really old account haha! I just got back into this, what‘s a rainbow rarity upgrade ticket?

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Hello there, sorry for the delay in a response on this.

A Rainbow Rarity Upgrade Ticket is the same as one of the upgrade tickets that can be purchased in the Rewards Shop.

It brings your pillowing up one rarity (Common -> Uncommon, Uncommon -> Rare, or Rare -> Very Rare) with a cap at very rare.

Using it to increase your pillowing's rarity also allows you to redesign your pillowing with access to any of the traits in the new tier (So you're not limited to just one trait in the new rarity.)

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I completely forgot to do this but I've changed my username on DeviantArt from PunchPop to @TropicalLeaf ! Could I have my CC and Very Rare Pillowing MYO transferred over to my new username, if possible?

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Thank you for letting us know of your name change. Your bank should be updated from PunchPop to TropicalLeaf. If there's anything else you need help with, please feel free to let us know =3

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Sorry if this is a bother but how do I check how much cc I have?

ethereal-dancer's avatar

You click on the Excel link in the journal and search for your username in the appropriate tab!

Sdog88art's avatar

Awsome! Thank you also just wonder because am here I submitted my prompt pack all 5 parts and I havent gotten the cc for it yet so I was just wondering If posibly I did something wrong?

ethereal-dancer's avatar

No, your art is in the notifications, it's just been taking the staff a bit to get to awarding cc with everything going on. You'll get comments on your art and an accepted notification once you've been awarded cc.

Sdog88art's avatar

Ah okay thank You! Totally understand! Just wanted to make sure I didn’t do anything wrong haha

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I switched accounts from dragongirlxx may I get my myo slot moved to this account?

DragonGirlxX's avatar

confirming that the other account is my new one

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