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Hey there, how’s it going! The owner is on vacation right now, but welcome to the Pillowing Daycare! Here is a place you can leave your pillowing for a few hours while you go do whatever you need to do, and they can learn to socialise under our staff’s careful eyes! We provide enriching activities for pillowings of all types, and our spacious play areas allow for maximum fun and enrichment!

Just read the rules and fill out the following form and we’ll take care of your beautiful pillowbaby!


- One comment per user
- Leave a reply with the filled out form to the featured comment!
- Maximum 3 pillowings per-user can be left at any given time
- One form per-pillowing
- If you would like to swap out pillowings, please hide your comment and make a new one!
- Please submit completed Daycare related images, to the Daycare folder in the gallery!


Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:  
Reference Image: 
Species Size: 
Preferred Activities: 

So how the daycare works is you follow the guidelines above, and then users can choose from the comments to draw each others pillowings in a shared space. Sometimes there are specific events and such, but mostly it’s just a way for you all to interact more!

Some basic amenities that the Daycare has, includes but is not limited to: large fenced in yard, walking paths, agility courses, plenty of trees and greenery, small structures to climb on, various toys, and lots of comfortable spaces with pillows and blankets inside and out. Feel free to come up with your own ideas too!

And remember to keep an eye out in the future for those special events!

We hope you all have great times here at the Daycare, and enjoy connecting and interacting with your fellow users! The comments of course are available for connecting with each other, but don’t forget about our Discord!
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EmmyGoatArt Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
This is so cute oh my god
fishyyllama Featured By Owner 12 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Link to their Pillowing-Archive page: MYO Pillowing: 1191
Reference Image:…
Species Size: standard
Name: Piper / Pip
Personality: bubbly, friendly but reserved, playful, optimistic
Preferred Activities: snuggling, playing with toys, helping others, settling arguments

Link to their Pillowing-Archive page: Standard: Poppy Ring
Reference Image:…
Species Size: standard
Name: Mars
Personality: playful, sweet, caring, lovable
Preferred Activities: playing games of any sort, getting dirty, watching cartoons

Link to their Pillowing-Archive page: MYO Pillowing: 1187
Reference Image:…
Species Size: standard
Name: Coco
Personality: quiet, friendly, loving
Preferred Activities: snuggling, helping others, and basically any calmer activities
Spiritburn Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:  MYO Pillowing: 0479
Reference Image:  Shike Redesign S by Spiritburn  - Link - Gingham pattern can be left off if it seems too complex. (The stripes on the lighter blue)
Species Size: Standard
Name: Shike
Personality: Energetic and playful. Goes at his own pace for things. Much like his theme (clashing elements), he can be unpredictable.
Preferred Activities: Playing outside, Organizing things his own way, making 'art' by spilling out different supplies and pushing them around with his paws.

Reference Image: Standard: Gilded Flames by Pillowing-Archive - Link
Species Size: Standard
Name: Auriferous Blaze (Blaze)
Personality: Pretty laid back and warm. Glad to go out of his way for others.
Preferred Activities: Assisting in caretaking, cleaning up, reading, pestering Rose in an endearing manner.

Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:  MYO Pillowing: 1096
Reference Image:  Pillowing Bleeding Rose Valentine by CloverCoin  - If you want a template for her tail pattern: here it is
Species Size: Standard
Name: Amaranth Red Rose (Rose)
Personality: Proud and a little smug, she lives by the belief that every rose should keep its thorns. If you have a problem with hers, then you can go your own way. Even though she is like this, she's not so self-centered as to intentionally bother or harm others. She just prefers to see herself first and foremost. She doesn't mind sharing on her terms, but isn't really mean about it if she declines something, either.
Preferred Activities: Reading, laying amongst the flowers, sun bathing, digging, toying with Blaze (Making him think she's mad when she's not)
ItsAWildBirb Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:  MYO Pillowing: 1205 by Pillowing-Archive
Reference Image:
Species Size: normal 
Name: Diana
Personality: shy, sweet, smart, but u better not mess w/ her... 
Preferred Activities: reading, drawing, messing around with friends, S L E E P.

NeeFloof Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ink to their Pillowing-Archive :  Large: Boigur Boi by Pillowing-Archive 

Reference Image:   Boigurboi Stand By Clovercoin by NeeFloof 

Species Size:  Large

Name: Bap

Personality: A huge snuggly boy, Basically the big guy with a heart of gold. 

Preferred Activities: Sleeping in a huge pillow pile, Hiding his friends in his tail, Stealing your food from the kitchen

Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:   MYO Pillowing: 1092 by Pillowing-Archive 
Reference Image:  Transparent Worm by Nickeronni by NeeFloof

Species Size:  Large

Name: "Oh-Worm" or just Worm

Personality: Very energetic and impulsive, Somewhat unpredictable and impulsive 

Preferred Activities: Playing with building blocks, Floating ominously, chewing holes in your laundry 

Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:   MYO Pillowing: 0970 by Pillowing-Archive
Reference Image: MYO Pillowing: 0970 by Pillowing-Archive
Species Size:  Kit
Name: Achoo
Personality: Childish, Acrobatic, Will probably believe any rumor you tell him
Preferred Activities: Doing tumbles juggling and acrobatic stunts, Stealing your napkins
Rosae-Aurelia Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:
MYO Pillowing: 0136 by Pillowing-Archive

Reference Image:
Size: Normal
Name: Easel
Personality: Easy going, but protective of children and her owner. Usually gets along well with other pillowings, but not one to put up with any crap. She can be a little bit of a buzzkill at times, letting go and having fun is hard for her.
Preferred Activities:
Easel would probably be relaxing at any given point, or trying to stop others from getting into trouble.

Link to their Pillowing-Archive page: 
Reference Image:…
Species Size:
Name: Kai
Personality: Dedicated and calm, Kai is usually by his owner's side as he's a POTS service pillowing. When he gets a trip to the daycare though, he likes to let loose a little and clown around!
Preferred Activities: Running outside, playing with others, playing chase, anything high energy.

PixelatedMas Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
MYO Pillowing: 0898 by Pillowing-Archive
Reference Image: same as archive
Species Size: standard
Name: Cerise
Personality: sweet and friendly.
Preferred Activities: baking

MYO Pillowing: 0176 by Pillowing-Archive
Reference Image: same as archive
Species Size: standard
Name: Lilabeth but also answers to Lily
Personality: quiet and kind
Preferred Activities:  making flower crowns or being around flowers in general. Tea parties, dress up,  and naps. 

MYO Pillowing: 1115 by Pillowing-Archive
Reference Image: same as archive
Species Size: kit
Name: Luster
Personality: prim and proper
Preferred Activities: being clean and feeling in charge
Odd-doodles Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Reference Image:  Cana by Odd-doodles
Species Size: standered 
Name: Cana 
Personality: she really calm around most, but with her true friends she can be really hyper and excited 
Preferred Activities: she loves the rain and nature, she is always up for a hike. She does get tired easily and will take many cat naps during the day :) 
EmmyGoatArt Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2019  Professional Digital Artist

Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:
MYO Pillowing: 0991

Reference Image:
Untitled Artwork(13) by EmmyGoatArt
Species Size: Standard

Name: Eclair (she/her)

Soft-spoken, but doesn't put up with bully pillows. Will smack anyone who bothers her Violet

Prefered Activities:
As long as she's with Violet, she doesn't really care what she's doing. She does prefer doing things outside though, or listening to music

Special Notes:
Her roses are sewn on, she must have them at all times. The silks and her carousel outfit are optional. She is ALWAYS with her girlfriend Violet, and will panic if she's missing


Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:
Standard: Blue Violets

Reference Image:
Standard: Blue Violets by Pillowing-Archive…
Species Size: Standard

Name: Violet (she/her)

She can't sit still for an extended period of time, and loves to dress up. More outgoing and tries to pull Eclair out of her comfort zone

Prefered Activities:
She prefers more sporty or paws-on activities, but always keeps Eclair by her side. If Eclair is uncomfortable, Violet will drop whatever she's doing. She loves outdoor activities

Special Notes:
Silk outfit optional. ALWAYS with Eclair


Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:
MYO Pillowing: 1169

Reference Image:
Untitled Artwork(50) by EmmyGoatArt
Species Size: Large!

Name: Mipha (she/her)

She might look sweet and pretty, but she won't put up with any pillows being disrespectful to herself or others. She won't use the claws or teeth to hurt anyone, but they make good threats. She enjoys letting smaller pillows sleep/lay/climb on her and does her best to play gently with others

Prefered Activities:
She loves to sleep, lay in the sun, and be surrounded by other pillows. She prefers outdoor activities, and likes to hoard seashells

Special Notes:

WinchesterFoxx Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:   MYO Pillowing: 1083 by Pillowing-Archive

Species Size: 
Large (Think St Bernard/Newfoundland) VERY big and fluffy

Name: Vagabond

Personality: Vagabond is quite.. Demanding, Pushy and can be seen as Aggressive, but despite this she can be quite warm, cuddly and friendly.. You just have to be patient with her. Shes used as a guard dog for her owners Concerts, so she doesnt get out much.. Be gentle and just.. don't be startled by her large appearance and you will have a friend for life. Shes an ex pitfox, so can be a bit fiesty and deemed aggressive, she was used in a pillowing fighting gang but was rescued and remade and resewn to be one big pretty girl. 

Preferred Activities: Guarding, Racing, Listening to Music, Probably lounging in a pool if there was one! Doesn't mind, but doesnt give up easily. VERY VERY COMPETITIVE AND CAN GET a bit.. too into playfights so be cautious.

Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:   MYO Pillowing: 0939 by Pillowing-Archive
Reference Image:
Name: Doctor/ Prefers Doc
Personality: Helpfull, Selfless, Protective, He LOVES helping others and making others smile and he LOVES cuddling. LOVES TIME AND SPACE, and ANYTHING to do with space travel.. He believes he can space travel and loves playing in his Tardis!
Preferred Activities: Tennis, Fetch.. Reading.. Agility, anything honestly! Hes willing to do his best and please everyone and have fun!

He HATES SAND. Usless fact, but SAND = BAD STAY AWAY.

Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:   MYO Pillowing: 1057 by Pillowing-Archive
Reference Image:
Species Size: Standard, about the size of a poodle or a labrador...
Name: Emma
Personality: Shy, Quiet and very very skittish. Often runs away from danger but is kind of an adventurer, just so happens to buckle under pressure or get startled easily.. Very old, but seems and acts very young. Soft and sweet and VERY loving
Preferred Activities: Sleeping, Adventuring, Making Blanket Forts, and DOMINOES
Draconeko Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2019
Reference Image: 
Common: Polkadot Galosh by Pillowing-Archive
Species Size: standard size
Name: Suka
Personality: Suka is a pretty quiet and friendly pillowing, he is usually generous with his things, he does not like violence too much, he avoids it at all costs. It is good to always be calm with a calm and friendly smile.
Preferred Activities: 
He likes quiet games that don't include bites, except when it comes to biting objects. In general he likes the rain, not being under it but looking at it from a dry place, he likes toys that sound especially those of rubber ducks, he also has a collection of stuffed animals and toys of yellow ducks, along with an umbrella of ducklings,  It isn't strange that whenever he is in this place he has one of his ducklings accompanying him. He is very good at socializing anyway, he never refuses to play while it is not a very violent game.
Romantiik Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
All images link to archive page.

Reference Image: 
Species Size: Standard
Name: Sleepy
Personality: Laid back, calm, sleeps alot!
Preferred Activities: Anything that doesn't require alot of movement.

Reference Image: 
Species Size: Kit
Name: Toot
Personality: Outgoing, Hyperactive, rarely stops moving around, super friendly
Preferred Activities: Loves to fly around and play with others, especially loves being outdoors.

Reference Image: 
Species Size: Large
Name: Blue
Personality: Protective, careful, goofy
Preferred Activities: He likes to play with others but worries his large size will hurt smaller Kits so is very careful and cautious around them.
Krizpie Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Link to their Pillowing-Archivepage:   MYO Pillowing: 0066 by Pillowing-Archive
Reference Image:  Blanket Rarity Upgrades by Krizpie
Species Size: standard 
Name: Blanket 
Personality: goofy, snuggly, caring, fun, energetic 
Preferred Activities: sleeping, fort making, crafts, sleeping, reading, snuggling, drawing, coloring, napping 
LiversOnTheMoon Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2019
Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:
Standard: Acid Wash Jeans by Pillowing-Archive 
Reference Image:
Species Size: Standard
Name: Roadie
Personality: Roadie is a rough and tumble little boy. He is friendly and happy and always moving. He ha's had to have his paw padding replaced several times after staining it, ripping it, or wearing it out. His current paw pads are grass green denim to hide stains and be sturdy.
Preferred Activities: He loves to play outside and get dirty and rough house. He loves music and running and dancing to make the plastic beans in his feet tippy-tap. He loves fire trucks and cowboys and playing with his baseball. He would love to wrestle with the other pillows and join in any physical games. Anything to get him outside. 

Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:
MYO Pillowing: 1168 by Pillowing-Archive 
Reference Image:
Species Size: Standard
Personality: Apollo is sweet and 100% obsessed with outer space. He has a collection of space toys, including several toy rockets, one of which he brings to daycare as a security toy. If he doesn't bring his rocket, he brings his big stuffed astronaut or his astronaut helmet to play with. If another pillowing is sad, he will offer them one of his toys to try and comfort them.
Preferred Activities: Apollo prefers to spend his time playing pretend with his rockets and other space toys. He's usually found inside where he stays fairly clean. He loves if other pillowings join in his space adventures. Aside from space, Apollo also loves building blocks, pillow forts, naps, and cuddling. 

Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:
  Standard: Friendship Bracelets by Pillowing-Archive 
Reference Image:…
Species Size: Standard
 Little Dipper
Personality: Sweet, friendly, plays well with others, energetic, cuddly.
Preferred Activities: Napping in the sunshine, cuddling up in her footie pajamas, playing games like hide-and-go-seek and fetch, making friendship bracelets. She's always looking for new friends to make a bracelet for. She is short, but she is fast. Once she starts running, she gets the zoomies and likes to chase the other pillowings around. She likes toys that have squeakers and tennis balls.
Chocobanyana Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:
  Standard: Dream Chaser by Pillowing-Archive
Reference Image: Here
Species Size: Bullet; Green Common Standard Size
Name: Atmosphere (She / Her, Atmo for short)
Personality: Is a Leader, Easy-going, Independent, Considerate, Ambitious, Is the one to get others out of trouble!
Preferred Activities: Looking out for the other Pillowings, Being on top of the small structures to climb on (gives a good vantage point!), Watching the sunset rise, Doing the Agility Courses.
(Honestly as long as Atmo isn't getting into trouble, go for whatever activity you'd like her to do!)

Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:
MYO Pillowing: 0223 by Pillowing-Archive 
Reference Image: Here
Species Size: Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Common Standard Size With Common Body Modification (Corgi) - Will update Masterlist with the Corgi Body Modification soon!
Name: Scrap (He / Him)
Personality: Messy, Charming, Adventurous, Optimistic, Troublemaker (Not on purpose, always on accident!), Naive.
Preferred Activities: Likes Collecting random fabrics, toys, and everything else to add to his pile that he likes to sleep / lay on.
(Yes he's a hoarder lmfao, If anyone takes things away from his pile he'll just whine and growl softly while looking like a kicked puppy.)
(Any activity is possible for Scrap here too, including potentially getting into trouble!)

Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:
MYO Pillowing: 0462 by Pillowing-Archive 
Reference Image: Here
Species Size: Bullet; Green Common Standard Size
Name: Paige (She / Her)
Personality: Sweet, Devious, A bit conceited at times, Charming, Bold, Flirty at times (Uses this to her advantage!)
Preferred Activities: Agility Courses, Looking prim and proper, Marking her territories with the stickers she often has on her. (She knows how to peel them off her tail and stick them places with her mouth!?)
(Any activity is possible, as long as she doesn't get dirty! Actually, scratch that, if she gets dirty make it so that she looks utterly appalled at the situation lmfao.)
DominickLuhr Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:  MYO Pillowing: 0276
Reference Image: 
[Pillowing] Giovanni by DominickLuhr  
Species Size:
Name: Giovanni (goes by GiGi)
Personality: A bit shy but a total goofy dork. Loves miming things and thinking he's hilarious. He's mute and doesn't make any sounds but he's still a complete joy to be around.
Preferred Activities: Miming things lol. Putting on a silly show. Not much of a roughhouser.
Medicalkit Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:  MYO Pillowing: 1063
Reference Image: 
MYO Pillowing: 1063 by Pillowing-Archive
Species Size:
Name: Dart
Dart is very childish and excitable. Often running and hopping around the house, bumping into things, using his squeaker to squeak at things, taking slippers to hide in the house.
Basically, if a little kid would do it and get into trouble, chances are, so would Dart. Making messes and playing with no care for the consequences are common practice.
Preferred Activities: 
Playing, climbing, chasing others, being chased, tug of war, rough housing, thwapping other pillows and people with his short tail. 

Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:  MYO Pillowing: 0691
Reference Image: 
Hal pillowing redesign by Medicalkit
Species Size:
Name: Hal
He is bitter and bratty. He isn't corrupted, just seriously moody. Similar to cats, if he doesn't get attention when he wants it, you're new mug might end up on the floor. But if you give him attention when he isn't in the mood and you might just be hit with a pillow tail.  
Despite his rather grumpy outlook, he really is a caring pillowing, and if you are in a bad mood, he'll be right there to try to pick you up again by doing something silly or by giving you kisses.
Preferred Activities: 
Laying in pillow piles, following bugs, chasing his brothers to rough house, hitting other pillows with his small tail, chasing his 'cord' rope. He's more lazy than he is hyper, but he still gets a hyper fur ruffled sometimes. 

Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:  MYO Pillowing: 0787
Reference Image: 
MYO Pillowing: 0787 by Pillowing-Archive
Species Size:
Name: Cancer [After the zodiac, not the illness]
He is known to get crabby occasionally, but generally he's very and overly affectionate and caring. Super protective. Being away from his owner though makes him anxious, which is why Chris decided letting him stay in the day care with his brothers might be a good way for him to overcome it and make new friends. He was starting to steer Chris away from his own social interactions because of his worry for his owner, and Chris was getting worried it'd be bad. 
So he's likely going to be shy and pace around waiting for Chris. But with a few affectionate attempts from the care givers, and other pillowings, he's very likely to warm up and find himself having fun here. 
He's very clumsy with his big size, often stumbling over his own paws and over small objects. 
Once he gets playful, his clumsiness only gets worse. He's been known to trip over bigger pillowings than himself with playful. 
Preferred Activities: 
Sleeping in the sun, pacing/walking and running, barking at squirrels, swimming or being by water, baths, chasing and playfully nipping at friends [he has no teeth], getting pets, and feeling useful by helping in whatever ways he can. Even if he is fetching a ball, and he's been told it is helping he gets excited. 
Chris does that for him when he feels he's not being useful, makes him fetch things through out the house, so it's become soothing and fun for him. 
snowywonderland Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
MYO Pillowing: 1104 by Pillowing-Archive
Reference Image: Asra the pillowing
Name: Asra
Personality: Asra's a very friendly pillowing. He loves being outside on sunny days, often lounging in the sun or playing in the backyard. He is also caring and gets concerned over others well being. Over all, Asra is easy going while enjoying the company of others
Preferred Activities: Sun bathing, cuddle time, finding pretty things, making pillows forts

MYO Pillowing: 1150 by Pillowing-Archive
Reference Image: Ilya the pillowing
Name: Ilya
Personality: A bit of a trouble maker, Ilya likes to take random items and hide them. He tends to bother other pillowing's as well as his owner, but he means well. Ilya doesn't express it well, but he loves getting attention from others
Preferred Activities: Playing fetch, being read/told stories, playing pirates
Flufflebutts Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2019
Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:   Kit: Moon Dust by Pillowing-Archive
Reference Image:…
Size: Kit!
Name: Luna
Personality: Terrible, but charming, Luna isn't a terror as much as she is overly enthusiastic about getting into everything and anything. She wants to explore, and enjoys new experiences-- Making her a perfect candidate for Daycare attendance. She carries herself like a larger pillow with wayyyy too much confidence, and often asserts herself by sitting on others to establish her dominance. 
Preferred Activities: Honestly, whatever she can get into? She'll take a shot at it. She likes active activities, and tends to lean toward interacting with pillows who're glittery/sparkly/adorned with pretty baubles that she can mess with. Likes big pillows, high spaces, and the ability to move quickly (ie, being thrown/spun at high speeds) with the aid of toys or other pillows who're bigger than her.

Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:   MYO Pillowing: 1094 by Pillowing-Archive
Name: Niana
Size: Large
Personality: She's like a disappointed big sister, except instead of disappointed she's begrudgingly amused. Generally a little more low energy than the other members of her comfort, Niana likes to take it easy-- Though, that doesn't mean she lacks a mischievous streak. She's very proud of her looks and general upkeep, and though she isn't snooty, she can be a little overbearing.
Preferred Activities: Sunbathing, cuddling with smaller pillows, showing off her magic to whoever will stop and look at her for more than a few minutes. She doesn't like to mess around outside too much, but also doesn't mind exploring gardens as long as the pillow (or pillows) shes with are relatively well behaved. She also likes to watch others doing their preferred activities-- out of curiosity, and a want to support them even if she's not particularly interested herself.

Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:   MYO Pillowing: 1072 by Pillowing-Archive  (updated ref below!!! do not use the og masterlist image as a ref!!)
Name: Lide
Size: Standard/common
Personality: Frequently found tailing after Luna and Matcha, two more rambunctious members of the comfort, Lide is somewhere inbetween Luna and Niana in terms of her ability/want to cause chaos. She has a decent store of stocked up energy and a need to be involved in activities she finds interesting, which means she's often a little unsubtle about her attempts to get involved in something-- She'll step in and stare and staaaaare for minutes until the person/pillow doing the thing stops and invites her to join.
Preferred Activities: She likes gardening and sunbathing, and reaaaally tends to like interacting with pillows who will also let her get into playfights with them if she needs an outlet to burn her energy in.
CloverCoin Featured By Owner Edited Feb 6, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Common: Cherish by Pillowing-Archive
Reference Image/Gallery: ToyHouse
Cherish Reference Sheet (Updated!) by CloverCoin
Name: Cherish
Species Size: Standard Pillowing
Personality: Social butterfly, Outgoing and friendly but once burned out she likes to retreat to high/private places to chill and desensitize. If she notices another person/pet upset she generally will go out of her way to look in on them and comfort them.
Preferred Activities: Napping and Sunbathing, Reading/being read too, Finding the highest places she can comfortably lounge and watch people, she especially loves to watch cooking but doesn't necessarily want to get involved. Lots of ribbons get mixed in with bowls and Cherish doesn't appreciate bath time.
*Special Note: Yes her flowers and blue ribbon/sheer is sewn onto her, she must always be wearing them! The nude ref is to just show off her markings. c:

Kit: Impicorn by Pillowing-Archive
Reference Image/Gallery: ToyHouse
Pillowing Ref Jinx by CloverCoin
Name: Jinx
Species Size: Kit Pillowing
Personality: Like a passive-aggressive cat, Jinx will only come around on her terms and when she sees fit. She's just a small kit sized pillowing but she's got a lot of gumption in those stitches. She often gets lonely and will go out of her way to bother other people or pillowings to get attention, even if it's not the kind of attention she's craving. Stubborn, she's not likely to change her mind once it's made up, even if she's proven wrong she's still likely to hold her ground. As annoying as she is, soft and gentle coaxing is the best approach with this feisty kitten pillow.
Preferred Activities: Sneak attacks, clawing up owner's ankles, taking every single sock she can find, bumping things off the tables or counters, sleeping in bowls or cups she can fit into, trying to eat things but everyone knows she can't and just spits it out, trying to hunt lintlings, birds, or insects..
*Special Note: No special notes.

Kit: Dragonfly by Pillowing-Archive
Reference Image/Gallery: ToyHouse
Zippity Tile Poses by CloverCoin
Name: Zippity
Species Size: Kit Pillowing
Personality: A bubbly and rather happy pillowing, Zippity might be a pinch shy at first when you approach but as long as you are patient she'll come around to you in no time flat. This pillowing is adjusting to their owner having a day time job again and is pretty lonesome.
Preferred Activities: Chasing insects, Shadow Puppets, Chasing laser pointers and sun prisms, listening and dancing to music, Outdoor activities, Walks and hikes, watching movies and cartoons.
*Special Note: No special notes.
BuckyB00 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 4, 2019  Student General Artist
Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:  MYO Pillowing: 0225
Name: Joker
Personality: Joker is quite silly and loves to create  games out of everything. They aren't usually too serious and loves to  entertain or be entertained.
Preferred Activities: Card games, sleeping, and painting

Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:  MYO Pillowing: 0020
Name: Doe
Personality: shy, sweet, skittish, loving
Preferred Activities: Dress up, tea party's, and gardening

Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:  MYO Pillowing: 0506
Name: May
Personality: Sweet, playful, happy, kind
Preferred Activities: Gardening, swimming, and getting dirty

LilDogMeat Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2019  Professional General Artist
Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:   MYO Pillowing: 1123 by Pillowing-Archive
Reference Image:  Uncommon MYO Pillowing: Fidget by TeaHound
Name: Fidget
Personality: Shy, easily frightened, easily distractable
Preferred Activities: Coloring, mostly indoor activities - can be coaxed outside to look at plants and rocks, though!
feliisvulpes Featured By Owner Edited Feb 3, 2019
Archive page: MYO Pillowing: 0652 by Pillowing-Archive
Reference Image: Smoky 2.0 by feliisvulpes
Personality: Mellow, generally kind, caring, supportive, playful, and up for anything
Preferred Activities: Play-fighting and play-hunting, sleeping in large piles, giving gifts, making things, caring for other creatures, making others feel better, and just being a friend all-around.
ethereal-dancer Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:  MYO Pillowing: 0640
Name: Kara
Personality: Sweet and bubbly, she's very energetic and wants to be everyone's friend.
Preferred Activities: She's up for pretty much anything!

Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:  MYO Pillowing: 0166
Name: Checkers
Personality: Quiet but fun, he always likes helping others.
Preferred Activities: He prefers the outdoors and/or being active!

Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:  Common: Cupcake Party
Name: Cupcake
Personality: Bubbly and bouncy! She likes helping others and is a social butterfly.
Preferred Activities: She prefers to stay inside, being mostly white, but she likes going on the play equipment.
TechnoTealeaf Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2019
Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:
Reference Image:
Loser~ by SkippySkiddo
Name: Loser
Personality: Relaxed, Sarcastic, Reserved, The too cool for school big brother type
Preferred Activities: Listening to music, Watching TV (YouTube, Netflix, etc.), Napping, Being Pampered (he’ll never admit it but he loves being dressed up ;3 )

Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:
Reference Image:
Large: Biting Butch by Pillowing-Archive
Name: Punk
Personality: Rowdy, Active, Playful, a little clumsy, very friendly 
Preferred Activities: Playing outside, running, chewing on toys, roughhousing
CrocodileDandies Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2019
Link to their Pillowing-Archive page: MYO Pillowing: 0114
Reference Image:  Mitzi Redesign2 by CrocodileDandies
Name: Mitzi
Personality: Calm, cuddly, doesn't mind getting dirty, great moral support
Preferred Activities: Sleeping/cuddling, gardening, exploring, fetch!

Link to their Pillowing-Archive page: MYO Pillowing: 1127
Reference Image:  Pippa Ref by CrocodileDandies
Name: Pippa
Personality: Energetic, impulsive, passionate, hates dirt
Preferred Activities: Sunbathing, hide-n-seek, finding new flowers, jumping up to tall places

Link to their Pillowing-Archive page: MYO Pillowing: 0626
Reference Image:  Neo Ref by CrocodileDandies
Name: Neo (or lickety-split)
Personality: Overbearingly sweet, cuddly, clumsy
Preferred Activities: Play wrestling, hiding under blankets, chasing things hiding under blankets
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SIothz Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:  MYO Pillowing: 0857
Reference Image: (Link Here Too: Linkie Dink)
  A Ref Sheet - Made By FluffleButts by SIothz  
Name: Dez or Dezzy
Personality: Tomboyish, Kind, Laugher, Dreamer, Lazy, Loving, Cuddlier, Sleeper, Sometimes Hyper, Childish, Playful, Gigglier. 
Preferred Activities: Sleeping, Cuddling, Playing with others, Playing outside, reading, playing bugs, going on walks, curling up in tons of blankets, pillow forts! 
Studio-Villain Featured By Owner Edited Feb 1, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:   MYO Pillowing: 0435
Reference Image:  Isak New Ref
Name: Isak
Personality: Excited, friendly, gentle and caring, a bit of a trouble maker, a prankster, he loves having a crowd to entertain. He feels bad if a joke or prank causes someone else to be upset and will do his best to make it up to them (usually in sticks he finds or cuddles) 
Preferred Activities: sunbathing, chasing things, going on walks, hiding things, play fighting, meeting other pillows, singing (loudly howling or yipping), learning new tricks, and spending time with others
WolfusImagius Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:  MYO Pillowing: 0755
Name: Magno
Personality: Brave, passionate, friendly, confident, pacient, active, optimistic, persevering and affectionate.
Preferred Activities: He likes to play and explore his surroundings. Going outside is an excellent adventure. Making new friends, cuddling and seeing clouds.

TheMidnightMage Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:  MYO Pillowing: 0661
Reference Image:
Name: Dusk
Personality: Quirky, Hyper, Expressive, Energetic, Not the Sharpest Tool in the shed, Somewhat strange and at times creepy and/or a little overbearing
Preferred Activities: They often love to explore new areas to the point they get pouty when they can't do something specifically. They'll play with other pillowings or by themselves just fine as long as there's something to occupy their time.  Will join any cuddle pile available and do most any task joyously.

StoneSavage Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2019
Link to their Pillowing-Archive page: Standard: Dog's Bones
Reference Image: 
Standard: Dog's Bones by Pillowing-Archive
Name: Bones
Personality: He's Sweet, Charming, Caring, kind, Fearless, Adventurous, Clever.
Preferred Activities: Loves to walk/explore the deep forest, Camping, watching fire pit. Anything outdoors. 
Finding treasure, but mostly bones and things to make potions. Making crafts with the bones. Prefers night and to hang out with friends and 
also loves cuddling.
Deamonsin-7 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Link to their Pillowing-Archive page:  MYO Pillowing: 0404
Reference Image: [MYO] Pillowing
Name: Petri
Personality: Lazy, Calm, Caring, Gentle. Likes being around others, but hates big crowds. 
Preferred Activities: Sleeping, watching it rain/snow, sunbathing. 
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