Big Announcements! CC review, Prompt Rules, Shops!

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Hey hey everyone! Missing CloverCoin? Haha, me too. It's been a really long time since I could actually start to work again and participate in the group activities. Luckily my health has been improving some and I'm using it as a big window of opportunity to get a lot of dusting and cleaning up done around here!

So let's get started on what's new around here.

We've added in some helpful guides since we know some new users struggle to get to the community here. We hope these guides will help both new and old users with the pillowing pile and the species here.
Guide: What is an Adoptable and other basics.
Guide: Understanding the Terms of Use.
Guide: How do I get a Pillowing or Lintling?
Guide: MYO Slots and How to use them.
Guide: Who are the staff on the Pillowing Pile? What is the Archive?
Guide: How do I report misconduct to the PP staff?
Guide: Pillowing and Lintling Edits: Minor Changes and Big Ones.
Guide: What are CC? How do I use them?

Other new additions also include the brand new Rewards Shop and Thrift Store! You finally have some use for all that CC you have!

Speaking of CC. We have some big changes there. We've taken the time to review and revamp the income of coins to work better for the new shops. The new rewards will now be...
1 -> 40 cc
5 -> 150 cc
10 -> 300 cc

Now when you complete a prompt, depending your effort, this is how much potential coins you can now earn! Now before get in a tizzy, "AJ what about all the CC we already earned? We worked hard it's not fair new prompts get more than old ones!" We know. Go right ahead and check out your new bank bonus of  cc, if you had an account with the pillowing-pile that had cc on it then you got a bonus amount now that evens out to what your old account earnings would be now give or take. A lot of you now have some pretty coins to go spend in those new shops!

Our last announcement is a Prompt rule for the written submissions. Our mods have been having some trouble processing them and dishing out reward cc for it so we add this for any future written submissions starting today.
:new: Rules for Written Submissions: We are currently working on some examples of written submissions of what is acceptable for cc rewards and what isn't, like how the drawn examples work.  But until then we need to strictly state that all future writing submissions as of today (September, 3rd, 2016) require sentence structure, proper grammar, and spell check to help make it easier for mods to read and review your submissions to award cc. Your submissions also must focus on the characters themselves, not just mere mentions of them. The stories need to from either their point of view or directly about them. If you want points for 3 characters, you need to write them all equally present and interactive if possible.

That concludes our big updates for today. We hope you enjoy the new guides and features! We really hope to see more prompts from you all too! Can't wait to get working on even more for you all. c;
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CaRtSaRt's avatar
I can’t find the prompt list??
CaRtSaRt's avatar
Thanks so much!
PatchworkPupper's avatar
I can't find where to submit my drawing for prompts. Do I tag you or is there a specific folder? Thank you!
CloverCoin's avatar
You submitted to the correct folder, just please be patient while mods find time to process them! C:
PatchworkPupper's avatar
Okay, thanks! I forgot I submitted it... very sorry!!
Prcttyink's avatar
Oh! This is great! Nice work here, Clover~ Does this mean my 10 CC turned into 300 CC? I'm just confused about that.
I'm so excited that the shop was made a success! This species has grown so much since I first saw it and I'm so glad that it's
gotten this far. I'm totally drawing more of these little babs -w-
CloverCoin's avatar
It's alright, frankly the bank part confused me as well and Provinite had to walk me through it a few times. We did a bunch of calculations and then gave everyone who had CC in the bank already a huge bonus to reflect what we think they earned in the new system + a little extra for being here and being supportive of pillowings. c:

So right now you currently have 410 cc in the bank!
Prcttyink's avatar
oh, sweet! thanks so much~ I totally understand changing things can be really confusing >~<
I really appreciate the little bonus. I'm closer to getting an upgrade for my cretaceous pillowing! :D
CarrsCrap's avatar
I'm so gonna draw my Pillowing and Lintling right now :'D I love this update!
CloverCoin's avatar
I'm so pumped to see!!!
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