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Hello everyone, CloverCoin here with some announcements!

This is a change I had been meaning to make for a while now but never found the right time to do it. Protip - there is never a right time to do it. So I'm using my health-down-time to make this changes since I can't work on commissions or drawing up new pillowings/lintlings.

:new: RARITY FEATURE CHANGES - don't worry they're not that big!

Effective immediately we are no longer having ":bulletyellow:Standard" features on pillowings. We are combining the standard features into :bulletgreen:Common features. If you happen to own a Standard MYO Pillowing slot, all this means is you now own a Common MYO Pillowing slot and get access to all :bulletgreen:Common features.

Next we are changing the name :bulletred:Illegal to :bulletred:Special! Has a much nicer ring to it, right? Special features pillowings and lintlings! People seem to not understand the concept of "illegal" when it was a term only meant that I, the creator of the species, could distribute the extremely super rare features on my adoptable species. So now that the name has changed to Special features I think it'll be a lot easier to grasp!

I've already changed the pillowing and lintling guides to reflect this new change in rarity titles. My mods are working hard to update our Pillowing-Archive to also reflect these changes on all your pillowings (and lintlings).


Now I bet you're asking, "Aw AJ, is that all? Don't you have more for us? We've all been waiting for more content!"

I hear you, trust me I do!! That's why I've been working extra hard from bed, my phone, however I can manage to get stuff working behind the scenes. We'll be opening up some big new stuff and reorganizing the group page some when those changes go public. I'm so excited to show you guys, but I can't reveal it juuuust yet. Gotta spit and polish it up a bit more.

Trust me, I hate the wait just as much as you all. I hope the big updates to come really get you back into the pillowing and lintling spirits!

Thanks for reading everyone. <3
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uwuo's avatar
Hope you get better AJ! I"m super excited to see what's in store!
samagirl's avatar
Aaaahhh I can't wait until you open up MYO slots <33 
bihm's avatar
//lurks in the shadows for a slot >: 3
cristais's avatar
Oh! I had a standard slot, so this actually helps me a lot with what I was designing! c:

The other changes seem good too! <3
Chocobanyana's avatar
Oh awesome~! <3
Keep up the good work and do your best to not overwork yourself~!
We're all here cheering you on~!
JeanaWei's avatar
I love the change! I always felt a bit awkward introducing my pillowing with illegal traits as if I added them on myself illegally or something haha~ Thanks for all your effort and take care of yourself!
Zagittorch's avatar
I like the change of icon :la:
Totally relevant.
Krizpie's avatar
It's really good to see you around again! I hope this means you're feeling better ^_^ 
ShadowKittyZerolilly's avatar
It may not be a big change, but it's still exciting to see you're still able to work on the species and are coming up with new ideas in your downtime! <3 
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