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pillow tailed experts.


Grand Re-opening!
A large-scale relaunch of all things Pillowing! Prompt Packs, Stickers, new ways to earn CC, and more!

Bank is currently down for a major upgrade. Please bare with us as the prompts are on hold until we have the bank back.

Introducing new feature: Spotlights!

Big Announcements! CC review, Prompt Rules, Shops!

Rarity Label Change for pillowings and lintlings!

No events are live at the moment.

Pillowings & Lintlings


(A Closed Species)

A stuffed animal brought to life by magic. So long as it's enchanted item, the heart token, remains in place, this creature will be your life long companion. They will be there to comfort you in the hard times and bring joy to the good ones. They exist only to serve their masters.

Pillowing Species Wiki

Pillowing Info Page by CloverCoin


(A Semi-Open Species)

An accidental spawn of the original pillowing creator. The designer had tried to make something much similar to pillowings, but smaller and more compact. Something went wrong with the prototype and it escaped. Now they're everywhere.

Lintling Species Wiki

Introduction To Lintlings (A Closed Species) by Pillowing-Archive Lintlings Species Feature Guide by Pillowing-Archive Special Lintling Features by Pillowing-Archive
Lintling Guide: Creation Slots by Pillowing-Archive

Group is going through some updates.

Hello everyone! CloverCoin here and I just want to let you all know we're currently rolling out some big updates. Right now Provinite hasn't been feeling well and all my extra time is spent taking care of him. So we'll be making updates as soon as we're able. Here are some quick links to help out in the mean time.


:spotlight-left: Pillowing-Pile Spotlight!:spotlight-right:


and their pillowing Saranna!

ethereal-dancer has been a charming and dedicated member of our community for over five years now! Their pillowing, the darling dancing doll Saranna, is a great compliment to the glowing passion ethereal-dancer has for our community, and we are overjoyed to have them as a member of our team.

You can check out their blog right over here for all sorts of interesteting insights and tidbits on books!

Saranna not only has the look of a ballerina who has ascended to become a goddess, but also exudes the glamor and sass that keeps her fans returning time and time again. We're excited to see what you all come up with. :heart:
Saranna's Archive page is right here for any trait references!

During this spotlight (April 16th, 2019 - May 16th, 2019 ) you can draw fanart of ethereal-dancer's pillowing Saranna and earn a CC reward! Once you've completed the fanart, just submit it to the Spotlight folder in the gallery and a mod will tell you the amount of cc you've earned and tally it into your account! There is a limit of 3 fanart per user submitted for cc rewards.

~ ~ ~

Spotlights are 30 day advertisements that group members can purchase through the Rewards Shop. This is a way to showcase your artwork, your writing, or your crafts! A great way to show off commission work as well if you're looking for more customers. We also feature one of your pillowing and lintling characters that other group members can draw fan art of for a cc reward.


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wipeovt Featured By Owner 4 days ago
hey !! : ) just wondering ,, am i allowed to add as many accessories as i want to a common pillowing? i read into it a bit, and i read somewhere that im allowed to add as many accessories as i want ( on personal art ) but on official art like for prompts am i only able to add one accessory to my character? and is the accessory able to be changed? for example, for one prompt drawing, could i draw my pillowing with a collar and then in the next drawing could i draw them wearing like a bow? :-0

and also this is the pillowing that i just received. they dont seem to have a heart token anywhere so does that mean i get to design them one myself? -u-
MYO Pillowing: 1108 by Pillowing-Archive
Spiritburn Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Wow, you hit a lot of questions here, so while I try to answer it all, I apologize if I miss anything.

- Not exactly. Common pillowings are supposed to have a single accessory (or accessory set in the case of something like socks) What you do unofficially is up to you to do. (I have unofficial images of some of my pillowings with wings stitched on, for example, but it is in no way canon and I don't claim for it to be such)

- For the sake of prompts, the pillowing should match the masterlist. Doing a different accessory would preferably be avoided if it does not tie in to the actual prompt, though.

- You are correct in your assumption that you are allowed to design the heart token yourself. Actually, the neat thing about pillowings is that the heart token can be changed because of the lore. So even if it came with a heart token, if you didn't like it and didn't feel an attachment to it, you could take it out and put in a new heart token that is more attached to you. The pillowing won't be the same, because the personality and memories and everything are tied to the heart token, but it would make the pillowing more your own.

My advice for you would be to save up for a Redesign Kit for your Pillowing. As they were created with an uncommon MYO slot, you will not need to get an Uncommon upgrade. If you do this, you can use the Uncommon Multiple Accessories trait for your pillowing. (I actually use this on one of my pillowings so that she can wear a range of accessories in the various images without me having to worry about if it's fine or not.)

Getting a redesign kit also gives you access to any common/uncommon features you would like to use or change out on your pillowing. (Just be sure that the new design resembles the original design, and note the group for confirmation for the changes, if you decide to do this)
wipeovt Featured By Owner 3 days ago
haha lol ^u^
oooh ,, i understand aa its gonna be hard for me to limit myself to one thing i love accessorizing my characters lol. do unofficial drawings still count towards cc? and can i still post unofficial drawings to the group? ( sorry i have so many questions lol just wanna make sure im doin everything right : )

ohhh okay so ill give her an item of clothing that can fit in any situation

wow !!! thats really cool i didnt know that : ) but yet again i dont know very much about pillowings lol! thats really cool though the species is so unique aaa 

oh ! i had no idea that they were uncommon- :-0 
i definitely need to start saving up for that kit! thank you so very much for answering all my questions ! : )))
SketchingAloha Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Hi! I have just two questions that I'd like to ask
-Is it possible for me to update my ref sheet with a "polished" design of my pillowing?
I only made a few tweaks here and there such as the saturation of colors and adding buttercup patterns. To be honest, I would like my ref art to be in my current art style (I'm making a new ref sheet right now)

-Could I change the name of my pillowing? 
I'm slightly dissatisfied with her name and I'm not sure whether it's possible to change it or not. Bouquet is a lovely name but it doesn't seem to suit her. 
Spiritburn Featured By Owner 4 days ago
- If you are updating the artwork, not altering the design, then you are welcome to post to your character's archive page with the updated reference you would like to use. However, we would really prefer if you note the group with the design changes/art update before you post to the archive page so that we can check and approve the new reference or let you know if you need a re-design kit. There's a few minor things that can be changed without the kit, but adding markings/patterns tend to require a redesign kit. (And any trait changes will require a redesign kit)

- We do not register a pillowing's name. So while the name on the main deviation will never change (if you chose to add it on a MYO), or the specific label for a guest/official pillowing will not be changed, you are welcome to name it anything you would like.
                                      For example, I got this pillowing from the Thrift Shop. His name had been changed from Shio to Mauve, and I decided to change it to Shio Wavecrest. Just because Shio is on the image does not mean that I had to keep or use that name in the least. (I felt that it was fitting, though, as the Shio that they used in that image means Tide.)
                                      I know there are several other Pillowings like this in the archive, though I am not going looking for a bunch of them.
SketchingAloha Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Ah alright, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions
You must be busy so thank you very very much and I hope you have a good day :)
TreeTurtles Featured By Owner May 10, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
can a pillowings heart token be a hard candy? i know you cant do perishables but hard candies kinda last forever.
Spiritburn Featured By Owner May 10, 2019
When in doubt, you can always do a candy themed accessory as the heart token. (Like Standard: Razznana Fudge Pop has the keychain)

I've had personal experience with hard candies going bad in the sense that the sugar within them have broken down, causing the candy to discolor and start to melt, even when it wasn't kept in a heated space (It took a long time, but still broke down). So I would think that it can't be used. Especially with the Frequently Asked Questions guide asking about candies. Even if it is a hard candy, it is still a candy and should probably still be affected by the no in that answer. 

Sorry I'm not able to give you a hard answer, myself, but like I said, it might be better to go with something that represents the hard candy rather than actual candy. (Could be a plastic toy of hard candy, for example)
I actually had a pillowing that had a crinkle of candy for the heart token at one point.  (and I had considered doing a marble in a candy wrapper for him because he was a prankster, but was not corrupted)
TreeTurtles Featured By Owner May 10, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ahh okay thank you! im just going to do a themed dog toy then. thanks a ton!!
MelodyEclipseMLP Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is there a way to buy cc with points? Or maybe buy pillowing slots with points?
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