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A large-scale relaunch of all things Pillowing! Prompt Packs, Stickers, new ways to earn CC, and more!

Bank is currently down for a major upgrade. Please bare with us as the prompts are on hold until we have the bank back.

Introducing new feature: Spotlights!

Big Announcements! CC review, Prompt Rules, Shops!

Rarity Label Change for pillowings and lintlings!

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Pillowings & Lintlings


(A Closed Species)

A stuffed animal brought to life by magic. So long as it's enchanted item, the heart token, remains in place, this creature will be your life long companion. They will be there to comfort you in the hard times and bring joy to the good ones. They exist only to serve their masters.

Pillowing Species Wiki

Pillowing Info Page by CloverCoin


(A Semi-Open Species)

An accidental spawn of the original pillowing creator. The designer had tried to make something much similar to pillowings, but smaller and more compact. Something went wrong with the prototype and it escaped. Now they're everywhere.

Lintling Species Wiki

Introduction To Lintlings (A Closed Species) by Pillowing-Archive Lintlings Species Feature Guide by Pillowing-Archive Special Lintling Features by Pillowing-Archive
Lintling Guide: Creation Slots by Pillowing-Archive

Group is going through some updates.

Hello everyone! CloverCoin here and I just want to let you all know we're currently rolling out some big updates. Right now Provinite hasn't been feeling well and all my extra time is spent taking care of him. So we'll be making updates as soon as we're able. Here are some quick links to help out in the mean time.


:spotlight-left: Pillowing-Pile Spotlight!:spotlight-right:


and their pillowing Firestorm/Snowfire!

Thank you Krizpie, for being a lovely member of our community and for purchasing a Spotlight!

If you would like to order something from them, please go check their Etsy out!

Firestorm/Snowfire's Archive page is right here for any trait references!

Please reference the above image, or the "Current Ref" image (if applicable) when doing artwork of this month's Spotlight.

During this spotlight (April 18th, 2021 - May 19th, 2021) you can draw fanart of Krizpie's pillowing Firestorm/Snowfire and earn a CC reward! Once you've completed the fanart, just submit it to the Current Spotlight folder in the gallery and a mod will tell you the amount of cc you've earned and tally it into your account! There is a limit of 3 fanart deviations per user submitted for cc rewards.

~ ~ ~

Spotlights are 30 day advertisements that group members can purchase through the Rewards Shop. This is a way to showcase your artwork, your writing, or your crafts! A great way to show off commission work as well if you're looking for more customers. We also feature one of your pillowing and lintling characters that other group members can draw fan art of for a cc reward.


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StudioWinter Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2021  Student Artist
Hey there! I've been missing for a hot minute, but dreaming about Pillowings ever since I disappeared. ;; 
I've been considering making a new babe and have a quick question. I know that wheels are considered a rare trait, but what about removable roller skates? Would they be considered an accessory? 
Spiritburn Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2021
Hello there StudioWinter! It's lovely to hear from you again, and unfortunately, things have been a bit crazy since you last checked in. (Sorry about that!)

That being said, you brought up a VERY good question and it was one that the members of the moderator team had to discuss. After all, there are three ways that we could handle it, which always makes it tricky to try and settle on just one option.

That being said, the conclusion that we have come to is that wheels are wheels are wheels. If something is being used to attach the wheels to the pillowing (Specifically the pillowing) then it will fall under Rare Wheels.

If it is used on a prop attached to the pillowing (Such as Large: Coach's wagon) then it can get by as an Uncommon Trait.

That said, I do not think that roller skates could count as an addition to a prop, and being worn would be attaching the wheels directly to the pillowing.

So the ruling that this specific case would need a Rare MYO Slot.

And to touch on the point that FlamingTea made:
• Socks are an exception to the over all rules. It's technically an uncommon clothing item, but we let it go as a Common Single Accessory because the care and attention needed for it is less than say shoes. (It's the same exception to the rules that allow collars to have spikes and studs without having to be special tier)

Thank you for reaching out to us and for your patience as we worked out the solution,
StudioWinter Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2021  Student Artist
No worries! I realize things get out of control sometimes, and I know there have been some relatively recent changes to the team - things happening in my own life are the reason I haven't really been around until now. ;;
Okay, so basically if wheels are put on a Pillowing, regardless of whether or not they are removable (unless they are a sled or wagon of some sort that is only an accessory), they count as a body mod because they make the Pillowing move around differently than it would without, right? That does make sense, so thank you guys so much for clarifying for me. <3
Spiritburn Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2021
Exactly! You worded it perfectly there =3
And, the good thing about the group is that we're always ready to welcome members back at any point in time. The soft comfort creatures are always eager to wag their soft tails and pull you back into the warm embrace of the pile~
(1 Reply)
FlamingTea Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2021  Student General Artist
I'm not a mod but If you're meaning the full boot on each foot it probably falls under common single accessory like socks do.
All the traits (including accents and decorations) are tracked here!

Don't trust my knowledge 100% but I think they would fall under the Common single accessory or maybe 2 or more accessories 
StudioWinter Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2021  Student Artist
Heyhey, thank you for your input! It looks like it still falls under Rare wheels according to the mod team, but I really appreciate you reaching out! <3
BradytheFNAFFan Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2021
Hey! I've been trying to get a Pillowing for myself but want to know what's the best way that I can get one? The only way I can pay is through DA points but want to know how to get one. Thanks in advance!
Spiritburn Featured By Owner Edited Feb 3, 2021
This is an unofficial guide on how to obtain a Pillowing that I put together a little bit ago. It's entirely possible to obtain a Pillowing without spending a single cent of IRL currency (or a single :points: ) if you would like to make the effort :3
If you would like to purchase a slot through points, then Clovercoin has This Journal that you can comment on to make that purchase.
Edit: Fixed where it didn't link the sta.sh post properly orz
pawawool Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! I apologize if this is answered in the TOS Google document, I couldn’t get it to load for some reason. Would it be possible to sell my Pillowing and/or get an estimate for resale? www.deviantart.com/pillowing-a…

I’m looking to get out of the CS community (since leaving DA) and I’d like to give him a better home. Thank you!
Spiritburn Featured By Owner Edited Jan 31, 2021
Hello there Pawawool~
The last update dealing with the pricing of pillowings is this journal post.
What that means is that we do not set the price on the design, as that is up to you and the buyer to agree upon. Most people try to sell the pillowing at slot value (Rare = $40), or a little higher or a little lower depending on how long they have had it, how attached to the design they are, if it's a Clovercoin design or not, if it has a lot of art to it or not, if it hasn't been selling, etc etc etc.
I'll be honest, I'm sure whatever value you feel is best will be outside of my price range, because the design definitely deserves it. But I do want to say that it's a downright adorable pillowing and I hope that he sells quickly and to a good home <3 (If you're in the discord server, please feel free to post in cloverse-ads to get more of an audience. A lot of the members spend more time on there than on DA after the change to Eclipse.)
If you have any further comments/questions/concerns, please don't hesitate to reply or to make a new comment <3
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