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Grand Re-opening!
A large-scale relaunch of all things Pillowing! Prompt Packs, Stickers, new ways to earn CC, and more!

Bank is currently down for a major upgrade. Please bare with us as the prompts are on hold until we have the bank back.

Introducing new feature: Spotlights!

Big Announcements! CC review, Prompt Rules, Shops!

Rarity Label Change for pillowings and lintlings!

No events are live at the moment.

Pillowings & Lintlings


(A Closed Species)

A stuffed animal brought to life by magic. So long as it's enchanted item, the heart token, remains in place, this creature will be your life long companion. They will be there to comfort you in the hard times and bring joy to the good ones. They exist only to serve their masters.

Pillowing Species Wiki

Pillowing Info Page by CloverCoin


(A Semi-Open Species)

An accidental spawn of the original pillowing creator. The designer had tried to make something much similar to pillowings, but smaller and more compact. Something went wrong with the prototype and it escaped. Now they're everywhere.

Lintling Species Wiki

Introduction To Lintlings (A Closed Species) by Pillowing-Archive Lintlings Species Feature Guide by Pillowing-Archive Special Lintling Features by Pillowing-Archive
Lintling Guide: Creation Slots by Pillowing-Archive

Group is going through some updates.

Hello everyone! CloverCoin here and I just want to let you all know we're currently rolling out some big updates. Right now Provinite hasn't been feeling well and all my extra time is spent taking care of him. So we'll be making updates as soon as we're able. Here are some quick links to help out in the mean time.


:spotlight-left: Pillowing-Pile Spotlight!:spotlight-right:


and their pillowing Sandy!

Thank you Spiritburn, for being a lovely member of our community and for purchasing a Spotlight!

Their commission information can be found here: Commissions

Sandy's Archive page is right here for any trait references!

During this spotlight (November 22nd, 2019 - December 22nd, 2019) you can draw fanart of Spiritburn's pillowing Sandy and earn a CC reward! Once you've completed the fanart, just submit it to the Current Spotlight folder in the gallery and a mod will tell you the amount of cc you've earned and tally it into your account! There is a limit of 3 fanart per user submitted for cc rewards.

~ ~ ~

Spotlights are 30 day advertisements that group members can purchase through the Rewards Shop. This is a way to showcase your artwork, your writing, or your crafts! A great way to show off commission work as well if you're looking for more customers. We also feature one of your pillowing and lintling characters that other group members can draw fan art of for a cc reward.


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CoffeeCupPup Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there! I'm so glad to see that pillowings are still around and seem to be doing well ^^
I own a very old pillowing--circa 2016? Designed by a guest artist, or maybe it was a MYO--I'm unsure. But I'm kind of leaving DA and wanted to see if I could give her a new home somehow? I'm unfamiliar any changes that may have occurred in recent years so I wanted to ask! (I have some other artwork of her too)
Original Design Art (crystal-time) by CoffeeCupPup
Spiritburn Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2019
Hey there CoffeeCupPup,
You own MYO Pillowing: 0034. This link is important because that is needed if you are rehoming your pillowing.

There are several ways to find her a new home:
1) Gift her to someone. (Just post on the archive link saying you are giving her to the user you are giving her to.)
2) Trading or selling her to someone. (If you want to post a journal to the group about this, it would go to the trading or selling subfolder and needs to include the archive link in the actual journal)
3) You are also welcome to donate the design to the thrift store if you would like. (You would send a note to the group about this action, so that we could confirm this action and give you further directions)

Thank you for asking, and I hope that this helps.
CoffeeCupPup Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for your detailed reply! This helps a lot ^^
ChompyWompy Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry if this sounds rude but if you have no one in particular you'd want to give them to could I possibly have her?? I rlly like her sorry if this sounds rude...
(1 Reply)
the--coyote Featured By Owner Edited Sep 12, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there, quick question. I may be getting a Pillowing from a friend, and the one they may give me was a common myo slot that was given to her. Would I be allowed to do a name change to the Pillowing once it is in my possession, since the character had already been created and approved?

Thank you c:
CinnriStreusel Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2019  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Once the registered pillowing is in your possession you may do whatever you like with it in terms of name or story!

Just to clarify though, we do not allow for the trade or sale of MYO Slots, and the person would have to trade or sell you an already registered pillowing. Additionally if it is a Guest Artist or Official pillowing, we do not change the title of the registration deviation on Pillowing-Archive.

But in terms of for your personal use, you are absolutely within your rights and the rules of the group to change names/heart tokens/stories as you please!
the--coyote Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
He's already made was just curious if I were allowed too or not, I don't think he's an official or a Guest pretty sure he's just an already registered Pillowing (Sock on the masterlist)
spooky-lad Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2019

just wondering if u guys do perm GAs ?
CinnriStreusel Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2019  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Coaste is correct! The GA's that we have on staff are all "permanent" in that they are all offered a chance to participate in any of the sales or events that we do! 

Sometimes our GAs become inactive over an extended period of time, and we may politely ask them to step down, but they can choose to step down whenever they like, and we're happy to have them on staff as long as everyone is happy with the arrangement!
coaste Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
I think the idea is still that GA's will do multiple batches and be on for as long as possible. Some previous GA's (like myself) though sometimes aren't able to produce enough art or can't make it priority and have to step down or leave, and new artists are brought on ^^
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