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Spotlights have been a wonderful feature running in the group since September of 2016!

You probably have noticed the spotlight item in the Rewards Shop.

Spotlight: This item is used like "ad space" on the pillowing pile group page. A user will be displayed and have their (pillowing or lintling) artwork shown and a direct link to their commissions. Spotlight item is a one time use and begins on the first opening for the spotlight, after that it will run for 30 days then be taken down or replaced with the next spotlight in queue. The same user will not be shown month after month. Users will be put in a queue system to help diversify each showing.
600 cc

This means people can queue up and feature themselves on the group page! Show off your art, writing, crafts, and that sweet commission info!

Even better? You also get to feature one of your pillowing or lintling characters alongside with you! During your spotlight time, 30 days, people can draw fanart of the spotlight pillowing or lintling and earn cc rewards! 

All you have to do once you complete the fanart is to submit your piece to the Spotlight folder and a mod will rate and reward cc to each submission. You may only submit up to 3 separate submissions per user, so you only get 3 chances at rewards per spotlight.

Currently the CC rewards are:

150 cc for 1 Fullbody/colour character
200 cc for 1 Fullbody/colour character with a background

So if you'd like to try and earn a little extra cc, check out the front page and see whoever the spotlighter is and give them some love! We can't wait to see who will be featured next~! c;
CloverCoin Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
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July 1, 2018


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