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MYO Pillowing: 1406

Category: MYO

First Artist: DominickLuhr
First Designer: DominickLuhr

Current Owner: Krizpie

Owner History:
CinnriStreusel received a Special Pillowing MYO Slot as a Staff Perk
CinnriStreusel traded to Krizpie

:bulletgreen: Common Standard Size
:bulletblue: Uncommon Bob Ears
:bulletpurple: Rare Open Eyes
:bulletgreen: Common Standard Tongue
:bulletpurple: Rare Teeth
:bulletblue: Uncommon Paw Pads
:bulletpink: Very Rare Retractable Claws
:bulletgreen::bulletpurple: Common Standard Length and Rare Wide Width Tail (Closed Case)
:bulletgreen: Common Single Accessory (Hat)
:bulletpurple: Rare Fur
:bulletpink: Very Rare Gemstones
:bulletred: Special Horn
:bulletred: Special Wings
:bulletpink: Very Rare Levitation Magic
:bulletred: Special Glowing Magic
:bulletred: Special Magical Aura (Music, Runes, and Crystal Growth from paw prints)
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