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Lintling Guide: Creation Slots
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Published: July 1, 2018
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If you all saw the update here, you will know that Lintlings are officially a semi-open species!
Special Lintling Announcement! (Semi-Open Species) by CloverCoin

With this now opening to door to a flood of future lintlings, we figured we better have a handy guide on how to help with lintling creation!

What lintlings have creation slots?

1st Gen: Unlimited Creation Slots from boundless magic energy.

2nd Gen: 10 Creation Slots. Limited magic ability, but the strongest of all lintlings being direct descendants of Mother herself. They make extremely fine and detailed clothing and crafts.

3rd Gen: 3 Creation Slots. Limited magic ability, no where near as strong as Mother and her 2nd gen lintlings. These lintlings prefer to invent items to better their colony and make casual and very functional clothing.

4th Gen and Lower: No Creation Slots. They do not have the magic capacity to sustain themselves and a new lintlings.

How does a lintling actually create another lintling?

Lintlings are similar to pillowings in the sense that they don't have physical sexes therefore have no need to mate to reproduce. Instead they gather materials and "build" a doll shaped lintling like in the image above and once they feel it's complete they press their noses into it and bestow their own life sustaining magic into the new being - transforming the scrappy doll into a living breathing creature. You can see more about lintlings and their life styles on the Wiki Page!

I have a lintling with creation slots! What features can I use?

Congrats! There will be a couple of different ways to explain this since there are 3 types of lintlings who can create in this system. So let's briefly run through them all.

On the guides above you'll see a Generation "Permission Chart" and "Rarity Chart". These are just suggestions to help understand when and where you'd normally see unusual lintlings with Rare, Very Rare, and even Illegal traits. Lintlings will not follow the same trend as pillowings - meaning you will only have access to a certain amount of rare traits and features. 1 rare, 3 uncommon, common base for example. With pillowings you can buy access to the entire rarity tier since they are home-kept companions that are carefully and lovingly looked after. Lintlings they fend for themselves and act a lot more like natural animals. If you overwhelm them with too many rare features it will most likely be very negative on their life style as a lintling. The lintling features guides have written out details for each feature, be sure to read through it to find the perfect lintling character for your needs!

Here are the guide lines you will follow for features in Creation Slots:

1st Gen Lintlings: Only one exists so far, that is Mother Lintling. The original lintling who created all living lintlings. She seemingly has no limitations and thanks to the powerful heart token in her chest she has boundless magic to use at her disposal. She can use Bullet; RedIllegal - Bullet; GreenCommon features as she pleases.

2nd Gen Lintlings: With 10 creation slots at their whim, these lintlings can create detailed and wonderfully crafted lintling companions and might even craft them lovely outfit to go with. 2nd Gen's have access to all Common, all Uncommon, and 1 Rare Feature.

3rd Gen Lintlings: Having only 3 slots to their whim they are normally a lot more cautious about using their precious life magic to create more lintlings. But in serious situations they won't hesitate to help make more if necessary. These little ones might also make a functional accessory for their lintlings to use once they are made. 3rd Gen's have access to all Common and 4 Uncommon Features.

4th Gen and Lower Lintlings: No creation slots. These little guys normally do not have the magic capacity to create new lintlings. Instead they bring supplies for the higher gen lintlings to create their new companions for them. These little ones only get access to Common features and 1 Uncommon feature. 

Okay, I understand what to do with my creation slot! How do I use it?

First you need to make sure your 2nd/3rd/4th gen lintling is REGISTERED at the Pillowing-Archive!
MYO Lintling Registration (NOW OPEN!)

When your lintling is registered and confirmed on the archive, they will have "Creation Slots" on their submission. 
Here is an example:
MYO Lintling: 0001 by Pillowing-Archive

Now all you need to do is design your new lintling and then comment on the archive of the parent lintling saying something like, "Hi! I'm using one of my creation slots for this lintling!" Then link your lintling design. The mods will check your lintling then approve it and list it on the parent lintling's archive under it's creation slots! As soon as your lintling is created, we please advise you to register it right away to help us stay organized and prevent scamming attempts.

So I can use creation slots for myself... Can I use my slots for my friends or random people?

Yes you can! Creation slot can be used for anyone the owner wishes it too. But it MUST be the owner who reports the creation to the archive.

Please note - you CAN NOT SELL creation slots under any circumstance. Trading is allowed - but the person who owns the parent lintling with creation slots being traded still has to be the person to report that the new lintling exists from their lintling archive submission as stated in the previous question. This is a requirement.

I recently got a high gen lintling in a trade but it's creation slots are all used? Do I get more as a new owner?

Sadly no! Once a lintling's creation slots are used up, that's it. That lintling will not have the magic abilities to produce more lintling in it's lifetime. :c

You can see how many creation slots a lintling has by checking it out on the Pillowing-Archive!

I think that's all the questions I can think of for now. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask me below in the comments or note me!

Have fun creating lintlings everyone!

PLEASE REMEMBER: Lintlings (Made by me, guest artists, or MYO) all fall under my TERMS OF USE. You must read my TOU and understand that when you own one of my species you are agreeing to these terms.

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