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Introduction To Lintlings (A Closed Species)
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Published: July 1, 2018
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Welcome to the introduction of Lintlings!

I originally posted the concept of these creatures in late 2012. I had a rough idea of just dust bunnies made into pesky little mice who stole all sorts of knick knacks in your home. Since then they have grown bigger and better filling more and more roles in the world of Clo.

This quick guide is here to help explain them a little to those of you who might be interested in adopting one of these little critters!

[Clo Species Wiki]-[Lintling Wiki]-[F.A.Q.]-[T.O.U.]

Bullet; Black What is a Lintling?

A lintling is a small mouse to rat sized creature that lives in the homes of intelligent life. They will always prefer to live indoors where it is warm and where crafting materials are abundant. The everyday lintling is considered a pest to most households, they tend to steal socks, jewelry, just about anything laying on the ground or within easy access of them. When they run out of crafting goods they will start to chew up and destroy the host's home to get more materials. Tearing drapes, chewing holes in blankets, taking buttons off jackets. Any resources at all. Most people who find their homes infested with lintlings will often adopt a pillowing to help keep them at bay. Much like a game of cat and mouse.

Bullet; Black Where did Lintlings come from?

The general public has no idea where they came from. But the artisan who designed the first pillowing does. Lintlings were an accidental creation that got out of hand. Once they had escaped the artisan they couldn't seem to stop them from creating more lintlings and spreading all across the town. Now it's said they spreading across the map. Out of guilt the artisan now designs pillowings with the will to hunt lintlings and offers them to customers who can't seem to get rid of the little pests.

As for the lintlings themselves. They do not breed. They are all technically genderless/sexless since they don't have sexual organs. Instead lintlings will use their creative drive to build a literal sock puppet of another lintling. Using a bit of their own "life force" magic they bring the puppet to life and another lintling is born!

Mother is the expert at creating new and unique lintlings. She takes very special care on each pup.

2nd gen lintlings have just as much creative spark as Mother, but the skills to quite execute it as well. But still they do their best. If they're not crafting more lintlings they're often seen crafting clothing, accessories, or other goods to decorate the nest with.

3rd gen lintlings have the creative spark, it's not as strong as Mother's and the 2nd gen's. But it's still there. These lintlings are the more tinkering type. Because they don't have nearly as much magic to spare like their 2nd gen siblings they use their creative needs to build things. Contraptions, tools, all sorts of things to better the colony. They are the tinkers of the lintling world. They also love to mend things around the home, should you find your favorite socks with the big hole in the toes all patched up? You probably have a little lintling to thank for that.

Bullet; Black What is the purpose of a Lintling?

The main goal in a lintlings life is to survive. This feeling was instilled in every single lintling, each and every single one a descendant of Mother. The very first lintling. Lintlings are instilled with the drive to thrive and create. But as it does down each line the need to create becomes weaker and weaker. The most creative types of lintlings out there are usually within the first 3 generations. Any generations below that tend to be the nest workers. They work on making the colony bigger by getting more supplies and more comfortable. While they rely on the higher generations of lintlings to craft more lintlings.

Bullet; Black Is this an organic or plush creature?

Lintlings are technically still plush creatures, just like Pillowings. The magic given to them has made them defiant. They don't do well taking orders or having masters, instead they want to explore and create as they see fit. They're out to learn more for themselves than for the benefit of people.

If you were to capture and successfully squeeze the life from a lintling, it would become thing but a small toy in your hands. A small plush like animal that no longer holds any life. While lintlings (usually) do not have heart tokens like their relatives, Pillowings, they still thrive off of the same sentimental magic.

The anatomy of a lintling is rather curious. The body itself is soft and covered in usually smooth/soft fur. It has small rat like hands and feet that make for great crafting. Getting those delicate details with those tiny fingers really helps! Some of the most important parts of the lintling is the fluff on it's ears and tail tip. Thanks to these fluffy bits they can hear and sense danger coming. The features guide will better explain how the fluff does it's job. Their ear shells and tail seem look like a bit of twine come to life, really completing the living plush factor. Still with those big glossy eyes, who could really hate these little creatures?

Bullet; Black Can I keep them as pets like rats? Will my pillowing like them?

Yes you can! There is an entire section dedicated to taming and keeping lintlings as pets in the wiki!

Pillowings are now enchanted to hunt and chase off lintlings. But a pillowings first and foremost job is to please their master. If you order your pillowing not to hunt lintlings and remind them of it occasionally, they will heed your orders and even be gentle with the tiny pests.

Bullet; Black How do I get my own Lintling?

At this time the only way to get a lintling is from me, CloverCoin. I will be selling them as adoptables occasionally and offering MYO events of low generation lintlings.

This is just a sneak peek into the lintling world. If you truly want to learn more about this species, please check out the wiki page about them!
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