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Clovercoin's Terms of Service has undergone an update for 2018, please familiarized yourself with the changes!

MYO Lintling Registration is officially open! Feel free to get your lintling registered!

All MYO Pillowing Slots are officially untradeable.
Read journal here.

MYO Registration for Pillowings is now open! If you own a MYO fill out the form and comment it on the reg journal. You are required to register your pillowing before trading if it isn't already listed in the archives.


Design Edit Kit
Pillowing Redesign Kit Guide by Pillowing-Archive
With this sewing kit in your inventory you will be allowed to make any changes to your pillowings design within it's rarity.

If you would like to upgrade your pillowing and edit it's design with new features, make sure to purchase a "rarity upgrade ticket".

This item is only good for making same-rarity edits to the pillowing. Big edits or small edits, so long as you have this sewing kit you can change your pillowing (or lintling)'s appearance!
Common MYO Pillowing Slot
This is a "Make Your Own" common pillowing species slot. With this slot you will be granted access to all of the common features to use on your pillowing's design!


Before purchasing a Clover Coin Species, please check out the Terms of Use!
Guide: Understanding the Terms of Use.

When purchasing please state the username of the person you're purchasing this MYO slot for. A Pillowing-Archive mod will then add your new slot to the Pillowing-Pile bank. At this time there are no refunds for MYO slot purchases, please keep this in mind when buying.

MYO slots can not be traded or given to a different user account. Only the user who purchases/owns it from purchase may use the slot. (They can register a pillowing for someone and give it to them, but that is not regulated by staff. So trade at your own risk.)

GUIDE: MYO Slots and How to use them. (UPDATE)

Once your myo design is ready, please go here to register them!
MYO Pillowing Registration

Looking to purchase a MYO slot with paypal/usd?
MYO Pillowing Sale: USD Open!

Pillowing and Lintling Guides


(A Closed Species)

A stuffed animal brought to life by magic. So long as it's enchanted item, the heart token, remains in place, this creature will be your life long companion. They will be there to comfort you in the hard times and bring joy to the good ones. They exist only to serve their masters.

Pillowing Species Wiki

Pillowing Info Page by CloverCoin


(A Closed Species)

An accidental spawn of the original pillowing creator. The designer had tried to make something much similar to pillowings, but smaller and more compact. Something went wrong with the prototype and it escaped. Now they're everywhere.

Lintling Species Wiki

Pip and Acorn are on the job.

Pillowing Pile Archives

Welcome to the Pillowing Pile Archives!

This side account to the Pillowing-Pile group will be used as a resource to help both moderators and users. Here we will be able to check proof of ownership with ease, a trade history behind the adoptables, and an easy to reference rarity guide on each submission.

:bulletblack: How to trade your pillowing/linting?
Simple! All you have to do is comment on your adoptable's submission here in the archive and ping the user you'll be trading it too. Mods will then update the submission with accurate information.

If your pillowing information is not updated within 24 hours, please be sure to note the Pillowing-Pile group to alert a moderator of your transfer!

:bulletblack: I have a new Pillowing/Lintling! But how do I register them on the Archives?
All you need to do to register your adoptable is go here for pillowings and here for lintlings! Follow the instructions on the journal and fill out the form. A moderator will help you if you have questions or concerns. Once your form is completed we will post your new adoptable to the Archives.

I want a pillowing/lintling, How do I get one?
Before you adopt anything from me, you are required to read my Terms of Use. When you get an adoptable from me, you automatically agree to the terms. So please before anything, make yourself familiar to them.

As you know, Pillowings and Lintlings are a closed species. That means the only ways to get them at this time is to purchase or trade them directly from CloverCoin. Other methods to obtain pillowings or lintlings would be to look for open trades and try your luck there.


Guest Artists
:iconzingey: :iconomgproductions::iconpixelraccoon:
:iconsweetmelony: :iconchanzajam: :iconviidoll:
:iconfelispirit: :iconpuffygator: :iconblithedragon:

Moderators of Pillowing-Pile
CinnriStreusel, SweetMelony,
Chocobanyana, PixelatedMas,
ethereal-dancer, LiversOnTheMoon,
Spiritburn, your-undead, StudioWinter



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CerTheWitch Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've just acquired another pillowing and I want to make a super small change, (just removing two forehead dots) how do i get the master-list updated to the current "design"
Pillowing-Archive Featured By Owner 15 minutes ago
Please note the group about the change(s) that you would like to make in order to get them approved. If they are approved, then you can post on the pillowings Archive page with the new reference to use, and it will get added to the description.
Sassy--Satan Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
i got this pillowing traded to me and im trading them to @/peachy-pea,,,
i just dont know their masterlist otherwise id comment,,, :/
Pillowing-Archive Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Glad you found it :3
Smol-Luna Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello.. I really want a pillowing, however I cannot afford one.
Is there any way you guys may take art for a common MYO?
Pillowing-Archive Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2019
Hello! While we cannot accept art as direct payment for a common MYO slot, there is a way to earn your very own pillowing that doesn't require money!

The Pillowing-Pile has it's own currency, Clover Coins or CC, which is earned when you submit art to the group. You can check out this handy guide for introductory information on CC! You can earn CC for your personal drawings, completing art for the Spotlights, or completing drawing and writing submissions for the Pillowing Pile Prompt Packs! And don't worry if you don't have a Pillowing of your own to draw yet! The group has mascots that you can draw for the prompts and general submissions, and you can also draw other people's Pillowings with their permission!

The Pillowing-Pile Staff will keep track of your CC in the Pillowing Pile CC Bank and Inventory!

With hard work, determination, and a little math, you can save up to purchase your very own MYO Slot from the Rewards Shop or even adopt a rehomed Pillowing from the Thrift Store!

If you have any other questions or need any more help, I recommend noting or commenting on the Pillowing-Pile for a speedier reply. You'll have more chances of a staff member seeing your comment there than in the Archive.

Happy Pillowing!
Smol-Luna Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How long would you assume it would take to afford either a MYO or a kid needing a home if I posted 3 50pnt drawings a week?
LiversOnTheMoon Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2019
You can also earn more CC by submitting art of Pillowings in the Pillowing Daycare to the Daycare art folder. There are lots of ways to earn CC! I really recommend trying the Prompts or the Spotlight, too!
StudioWinter Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Assuming you are able to post three pieces of art that each earn 50 CC every week without taking a break, you should be able to afford a MYO by late October or early November. :)

One way to speed up the process for yourself, as well as make a little bit of money or points revenue on the side, would be to offer Pillowing commissions, if you are comfortable doing so! Feel free to submit Pillowing commission information and prices to Our Commissions Folder, and submit the completed works to Drawings or Icons and Pixels to earn your CC, depending on the type of art you are offering. 

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best of luck! 
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