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[Updated: 03/01/2022]
Henloo!.. ^^
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Welcome to my commission details!
If you have anything to say, feel free to message me. :D

You can check my Queue and Progress Here: trello.com/b/tcxNTH6W/…

# Price List #

I have a different styles for my commission art, which you can check out the finished example by clicking the title. ^^

Clean Sketches:
Headshot -> 400 Points / 5$
Halfbody -> 560 Points / 7$
Knee Up -> 720 Points / 9$
Fullbody -> 800 Points / 10$

Clean Linearts:
Headshot -> 800 Points  / 10$
Halfbody -> 960 Points / 12$
Knee Up -> 1120 Points / 14$
Fullbody -> 1200 Points / 15$

Manga Style:
Headshot -> 1200 Points  / 15$
Halfbody -> 1360 Points / 17$
Knee Up -> 1520 Points / 19$
Fullbody -> 1600 Points / 20$

Headshot -> 2000 Points  / 25$
Halfbody -> 2400 Points / 30$
Knee Up -> 3600 Points / 45$
Fullbody -> 4000 Points / 50$


- Additional Character -

Clean Sketches:
Headshot -> 200 Points / 2.5$ - per character
Halfbody -> 280 Points / 3.5$ - per character
Knee Up -> 360 Points / 4.5$ - per character
Fullbody -> 400 Points / 5$ - per character

Clean Linearts:
Headshot -> 400 Points  / 5$ - per character
Halfbody -> 480 Points / 6$ - per character
Knee Up -> 560 Points / 7$ - per character
Fullbody -> 600 Points / 7.5$ - per character

Manga Style:
Headshot -> 600 Points  / 7.5$ - per character
Halfbody -> 680 Points / 8.5$ - per character
Knee Up -> 760 Points / 9.5$ - per character
Fullbody -> 800 Points / 10$ - per character

Headshot -> 1200 Points  / 15$ - per character
Halfbody -> 1360 Points / 17$ - per character
Knee Up -> 1600 Points / 20$ - per character
Fullbody -> 2000 Points / 25$ - per character

- Additional Background -

The background price depends on the details of the work.
The price range started from 10$ up to 50$.
I will make sure to discuss it with you before I give the exact price.

- NSFW -

Although I don't have any NSFW art, I can work on NSFW art but mostly only female.
The extra price for NSFW art is 50% more than normal art.
I will make sure to discuss it with you before I give the exact price.

- Conversion Rate -

80 Points = 1$

# Rules #

  • I accept both point and PayPal for payment
    For the point method, you can pay through the give point menu on the top right corner of my profile page... And for the PayPal method, you can pay the commission from Artist&Client (price is 20% more for artist&client tax) sites or directly from here (normal rate without tax) ^^
  • I encourage you to browse around my gallery to see more art samples.
  • I can refund 100% of the payment only if I have not started working on the sketch. Once I have started the sketch I can refund 50% of the payment. Once I reach the lineart stage there will be no refunds.
  • You are free to use the artwork for anything you like as long as it's for personal use (not for a commercial purpose). for commercial purpose art, you can send me a note to discuss it (price n term, etc).
  • After I accept your commission, I will draw a sketch... if you are okay with the sketch, you have to fully pay it and I will continue the work.
  • The Final Artwork will be at least 300-350DPI A4. I will send the full res via GDrive Link and I will just upload the LowRes to my DA (or other art sites) as my Portfolio. ^^
  • I will try to finish your order ASAP, however, please be patient with me. ETA is 3-7 days from the moment I start working on your illustration, but I may need more time if I have other commissions before yours. Check my to-do list whenever you want for a status update.
  • I will send you every step of the work in progress from the sketch, lineart, coloring, background, to the finished art.
  • I reserve the right of increasing the price if you want a very high detailed drawing.
  • I reserve the right to cancel your petition if I don't feel like drawing it or you have been proven troublesome in any way.
  • I only accept a max of 10 characters per art. More than 10 characters cost an extra price (we can discuss it on note ^^)

# What You Get #

  1. Full Resolution art with at least 9000px and 350dpi with *.png transparent background art (if no background requested).
  2. Full Resolution Character only polished art, with *.png transparent background.
  3. Full Resolution Character's only clean lineart, with *.png transparent background.
  4. Full Resolution Character's only clean inked lineart, with *.png transparent background (only if you order inked lineart/full color with inked lineart).
  5. Full Resolution Character's only clean lineart, with base color and *.png transparent background (only if you order full-color art).
  6. Full Resolution Character's only silhouette, with *.png transparent background (only if you order full-color art).
  7. Full Resolution Background only, with *.png lossless quality (only if background requested).

# How To Order #

  • first, use the form below to fill in the description of your commission (you can send it via note, or comment below)
Name of your OC : (please state if the character belong to someone else)
Reference : (text description, image link, pose, etc)
Type : (Full body/ Waist Up / Knee Up / Headshot)
Other : (anything else I need to know?)
  • next, I will note you that I accepted your commission, and start sketching
  • then, I will send you the sketch (via new DeviantArt message), in this part, feel free to make a change. I only accept 15-time changes max.
  • after the sketch is done, you need to finish your payment(you can pay with DeviantArt points or PayPal), then I will finish your art. :)
  • if you don't have Deviantart account, you can send me pm on Facebook or email:pillaridha@gmail.com

# What I Can, and What I Can't #

I Can Draw :

  • I'm more comfortable drawing girls and cute things. ^^
  • Original Characters (Boy and Girl)
  • Movie or Anime fanart
  • Human, or humanoid
  • Nekomimi (Cat Ears), Kemomimi (Bunny Ears), etc

I Can't Draw :

  • An overly old character
  • Animal
  • Realistic Art
  • Painting
  • Complicated Structural Background

# My Works Samples #

Thankies so much for your attention ^.^)/
> if there's something missing, please tell me. I will fix it ASAP <

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