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Heloo!.. ^^

update : i'll make a speed draw for each commission,
and i'll upload it on my Youtube Channel :D ,, example below :

 Birb intensifies Birb intensifies Birb intensifies 

# Price List #

I have several style for my commission art, which you can check out the finished example by clicking the title ^^

Rough Sketches:
Headshot -> 200 points
Halfbody -> 300 points
Knee Up -> 400 points
Fullbody -> 500 points

Clean Sketches:
Headshot -> 300 points
Halfbody -> 400 points
Knee Up -> 500 points
Fullbody -> 600 points

Clean and Simple Linearts:
Headshot -> 400 points
Halfbody -> 500 points
Knee Up -> 600 points
Fullbody -> 700 points

Clean and Detailed Linearts:
Headshot -> 500 points
Halfbody -> 600 points
Knee Up -> 700 points
Fullbody -> 800 points

# Rules #

  • I accept both point and paypal for payment
    For the point method, i will use the donation widget and you have to pay through it.. And for the  paypal method, you can pay the commission from Artist&Client sites ^^
  • I encourage you to browse around my gallery to see more art samples.
  • I can refund 100% of the payment only if I have not started working on the sketch. Once I have started the sketch I can refund 50% of the payment. Once I reach the lineart stage there will be no refunds.
  • You are free to use the artwork for anything you like as long as its for personal use (not for commercial purpose). for commercial purpose art you can send me note to discuss about it (price n term, etc).
  • After i accept your commission, i will draw a sketch.. if you are okay with the sketch, you have to fully paid it and i will finish it.
  • The Final Artwork will be atleast 300-350DPI A4. i will send the full res via email and i will just upload the LowRes to my DA (or other art sites) as my Portfolio. ^^
  • I will try to finish your order ASAP, however please be patient with me. ETA is 3-7 days since the moment I start working on your illustration, but I may need more time if I have other commissions before yours. Check my to-do list whenever you want for an status update.
  • I reserve the rights of increasing the price if you want a very high detailed drawing.
  • I reserve the rights of cancelling your petition if I don't feel like drawing it or you have been proved troublesome in any way.
  • I only accept 1 character per art. Additional character cost an extra price (we can discuss it on note ^^)

# How To Order #

  • first, use the form below to fill the description of your commission (you can send it via note, or comment below)
Name of your OC : (please state if the character belong to someone else)
Reference : (text description, image link, pose, etc)
Type : (Full body/ Waist Up / Knee Up / Headshot)
Other : (anything else I need to know?)
  • next,  i will note you that i accepted your commission, and start sketching
  • then, i will send you the sketch (via da-note), in this part, feel free to make a change. I only accept 3 time changes max.
  • after the sketch done, you need to finish your payment(you can pay it from the donation widget), then i will finnish your art. :)
  • if you dont have Deviantart account, you can send me pm on Facebook, Instagram, or

# What I Can, and What I Can't #

I Can Draw :

  • I'm more comfortable drawing girls, and cute things. ^^
  • Original Characters (Boy and Girl)
  • Movie or Anime fanart
  • Human, or humanoid
  • Nekomimi (Cat Ears), Kemomimi (Bunny Ears), etc

I Can't Draw :

  • An overly old character
  • Mecha
  • Animal
  • Realistic Art
  • Background

# My Works #

Clean & Detailed Lineart:
Fiella by pillaridha

Clean Sketch:
Hex by pillaridha

Rough Sketch
doodless by pillaridha

Clean & Simple Lineart:
Karin School Outfit by pillaridha

Click me for more ^^

Thankies so much for your attention ^.^)/

> if there's something missing, please tell me. I will fix it ASAP <

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Ryuuta by pillaridha

Hello Guys!

La la la la  I need mood booster to Fill My Gallery! Choking La <
update: i'm allways open :D

# General Rules #

- Available only 5 slots each!
- If you want to do some Art-Trade with me, you dont have to be my watcher (but if you wanna watch me, i'll watch you back ^^)
- If you want to do some request, there is more requirement below, so read this whole journal carefully
- This is not a "First-Come, First-Serve". I'll draw and choose whatever i like, according to my mood.
- I'm not accepting R-18 Mature Content (Hentai, Ecchi, Yuri, Yaoi, Etc)
- Also note that I'm more comfortable drawing girls than boys ^^
- I'm trying new style so be aware of that

# Art Trade #

You can draw one of my OC, you can find the detail here
I'm offering linearts, or fullcolored artwork, example :
Noile2 by pillaridhaNoile by pillaridha
If I finish my part of the trade first I'll let you know, but I will hold it until you've finished your part
- Please try to offer something equal to what you want from me
- Leave a comment below with the following information
your username
the character you'd like to draw
the type of trades you'd like to do
(fullbodyxfullbody, headshotxheadshot, etc)
your character reference (I'd prefer if you don't link me to all your existing oc's as I always have a hard time picking one, but it is okay if you show me 1-3. Also, please, good visual references.)
- If I like your offer/character I'll reply/note you and discuss any further details if needed. Do not get angry if I don't choose you or don't reply to your offer, please. There will be more chances in the future.
- Also, I expect to receive your part of the trade in the next 3 months max. I'm sorry but I'm not going to wait a whole year for a picture. If you're busy and you think you won't be in time then don't ask. If everything goes well I'll keep using this method so you may have many other chances in the future when you're free.
- On my side I promise as well to have my part done in 3 months max.
- If after that time I haven't received any single update from you and I have already delivered my part, I'll post your name publicly and the details of the case for others to watch out.

# Art Request #

you can see all of my art example on my da gallery,Choking La 
so, to request me some art, all you need to do is:
- Leave a comment below with the following information
Your username
Your character name [please state if the character belong to someone else]
Reference [image link, pose, etc]
Character info [personality, backstory, etc]
The type of art [fullbody, headshot, etc]

- then i'll note/reply if i accepted your request
- after that, you need to watch me, give a llama, fav and share this journal, then i can finish the art (YOU ONLY NEED TO DO THIS PART AFTER I ACCEPTED YOUR REQUEST)
- if i haven't received any single update from you within 3 days, then i'll cancel your request. sory..
- note that i'm only drawing lineart for art request. If you want it to be colored, let's do some art trade ^^
- there is no time limit of when the art must done. I have another work to do
- If you want to request me, but dont have Deviantart account, you can send me pm on FacebookInstagram, or

# Thankies Soo Much ^^ #

> If you have any question, ask away~! <

cherry blossom The first 15 people to comment on this journal, I will put their avatar/name and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list! 
cherry blossom If you comment, make a journal like this and do the same thing, putting me in the first spot. If u have journal u can add me to next spot.
cherry blossom The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! 


1. YanaUta 
.:Friends:. by YanaUta
Jun Yana Toboso style copy by YanaUta V-day gift for Kanzy-chan by YanaUta
:happybounce:  it's only been 7 months since the first time i started drawing and, now i've been this far.. well yeah, i've made some artworks that looking good for me, but i'm not statisfied with my artworks because i just take someone style to my drawings,.,.,

for example this artwork looks amazing to me! Love 

Blue Stars! by pillaridha

for almost 2 days artblock attacked me, the artwork was finnished in the 3rd day. I used the mzrz( style for the artwork above. So, I think i improved from myself 7 months ago.,.,
you can compare with my first artwork I think I've fainted. 

20151205 111056 by p1ll4r

at that time,, i think it just perfect. But for some reason i'm not so statisfied with that.. So, i decided to take some artwork references and work with it.,,. OMG MOAR POEMS! 

this message is for everyone outside there,, 
I'am using your style for my artwork,, off course i won't make any commission or sell it to anyone with that style, so please let me use your style for my practice. So, i can have my own style. Huggle! Huggle! 

Thank's for reading my crappy english,, you can send me a note if i went wrong Nod