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Thundercats - Never Retreat

Download for full-size, posted on my tumblr as well: [link]
Wallpaper: [link] , feel free to use but please credit.

Gotta thank :iconad-absurdum: for this wonderful commission! An artist being paid to draw what he/she loves is the best! >u< :heart:

Finished this before proceeding to sleep on my lecture notes. Exams are coming so my other sketch plans have to wait. ;n; My fave cats are gender-bent and i’m happy. <3 Panthro and the twins weren’t requested. (thankfully, cos I wouldn’t know how to gender-bend him LOL) Typing lady/guy + “name” is troublesome, so: Tyga (tie-gah), Leona, and Chitar. The scene is inspired from Lion-o’s moment of awesome from the Petalars episode. >8D Only stuff I’d change are my anatomy hiccups. the sketch looked better. why. The sword is not too long, is it? 8|

thanks for dropping by! :wave:

Tygra, Lion-o, Cheetara (c) Warner Bros.
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