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Thundercats - Morning Session



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[edit] goddammit. for some reason, DA duplicated my submission. e__e sorry for any confusion.

I called this the “Morning Session” cos it's well, a sparring session…the evening session is over here: [link] . When I first heard the “ring the bell” line, I thought it meant ‘imma kick your butt’. Thanks to tumblr, I can no longer play innocent about the other meaning. o3o (i’ll still stick with the ‘kick your butt’ one though)

Anyway, lots of people had fun with this, so why not join? I like to think the Thundercats sparred with each other to keep in shape. I’m sure Cheetara would make a challenging partner. You can guess how a sparring session could end….not that I’m saying Lion-o is weaker than Cheetara but I don’t see him seriously beat a female comrade unless absolutely necessary…especially one that the writers have less-than-subtly hinted that he likes (cos he won’t hesitate to punch a woman as proven in the premiere episode)

I do know that Cheetara is supposed to be taller than Lion-o but i this is the first pair i ship where the girl isn't shorter than the guy =3=;;

thanks for dropping by! :wave:
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Lion-o and Cheetara (c) Warner Bros.
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