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Thundercats - Evening Session



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…and, here’s the evening sparring session. The morning session ([link]) was for Cheetara and Lion-o, so this one is for our favorite snarky tiger. I know Tygra and Cheetara don’t have a lot of interaction yet to prove their pairing but Episode 6 has a little nudge towards it. ;) and i’m sure Tygra would love some attention from the only grown lady in the group so far. okay too cliche but whatever. a fangirl can dream.

If Tygra and Cheetara sparred, I think it would be an almost equal match. Tygra is awfully competitive and Cheetara won’t go down easily. But I guess, Tygra would win out in the end with some cunning. (Don’t ask how Tygra could get that whip to wrap around Cheetara’s arm that way…my excuse, nothing is beyond Tygra and his whip hahaha)

I think I maybe have screwed up Cheetara's anatomy just a bit...always had a hard time drawing girls in that particular angle...

thanks for dropping by! :wave:
Posted on my tumblr as well: [link]

Cheetara and Tygra (c) Warner Bros.
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