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The Drown
United States
I'm just someone who likes to doodle, nothing more nothing less. I make characters,graffiti stencils and I'm trying to start a comic or two.
Mostly organizing my work and getting my comics in their final incarnations done on my tumblr so be sure to tune in there too. Thanks!
 Heya everyone I have a quick inquiry for ya. My Star Wars comic of course focuses on a trio of separatist characters as they deal with war, espionage, and personal conflict during the Clone Wars with a heavy focus on the CIS, aliens, and Mandalorians. That said, the force takes a backseat to the plot and isn't explored much beyond different perspectives on the force through the different viewpoints of the Jedi characters, Dark Acolyte characters, Noma, and a handful of outliers like Takhi who's an unaffiliated force user or Karam a Mandalorian Jedi. Paired with all the characters in GOTS and how many of them will be recurring there really is a focus on the grander conflict within the story. While all the main characters be they sep or republic have important personal development, the broader plot of GOTS is focused on the Clone Wars from a separatist perspective.

So basically I've wondered a bit about making a separate Star Wars comic idea to focus on a smaller more individualized story. I have three ideas in my head as to this second story but only really one of them has a fair amount of development towards a larger plot. Anywho, I'd really appreciate if you gave em a read and let me know which one you find most interesting and lend any input or suggestions. Ideas below! Thanks! 

The first idea is a story set in the sequel trilogy era that would follow a trio of pilots in the First Order as they enter a new world by being selected for special forces following gallant action in a disastrous battle. The trio would be a young Ubese pilot who's essentially mute albeit charasmatic and has a deep connection to his fighter modifying it to push himself to extreme limits, an older brother type character who's more by the books but starts to question protocol as he and his compatriots see more and more extreme aspects to the First Order, and lastly a sly and cunning young man who's both a skilled pilot and soldier with a strong sense of loyalty to his comrades. This idea mostly has to do with my love for aircraft and dogfights and an interest to explore the First Order but the fact it's centered on starfighters as well as the limited info on the sequel era galaxy has left me with really only to beginning and nothing else.

The second idea is similar to first also being from an Imperial perspective albeit from the Galactic Civil War. This one would follow a stormtrooper who would present noteworthy survival skills after being cut off from the main force as the Rebels closed in. Surviving and going on to sabotage the rebel's forward base following their victory, she'd manage to escape back to friendly space and following her report would enter the deathtrooper program on recommendation form a curious officer. The story would follow her initial grueling training to make the cut to become a deathtrooper and then lead into her special operations missions to counter the growing number of threats to the Empire while under the guidance of a scheming and mysterious commander. It wouldn't be a spy story rather something more like urban warfare or counter terrorist type stuff with antagonists belonging to extremists of the rebellion like the Partisans, crime syndicates, separatist holdouts, and traitors to the Empire. Main problem with this one is a lack of characterization to the main heroine and lack of a noteworthy cast, especially in regards to the villains whom I haven't thought of a single one.

Last idea is the one I've thought the most on. It would also be set in the Empire but the Sith Empire of the Old Republic days around the time of the Cold War (around swtor's time). The protagonist would either be a Rodian or Kubaz girl taken by the empire as a prisoner turned slave until she demonstrated force abilities bringing her to the near certain death of the Sith academy on Korriban. She'd be having to compete for her place with several other acolytes, slaves, and vagabonds all vying for the position of apprentice to an ominous Inquisitor. Enduring the ruthless Sith lifestyle and being completely alone, she'd struggle to survive and walk the fine line of showing her worth to her master while avoiding any unwanted attention from rivals whilst trying her best to carry out her master's calculated schemes for power and influence. This story would be very character heavy focusing on the main set of acolytes as well as the relationship between the heroine and her Sith master with the conflict focusing on a rival Sith lord whose own ambition intersects with the heroine's. I don't really have any issues with this one's plot or characters or setting since swtor provides a lot of exposition that makes building this story much easier. 



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