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Pokemon Gen 8 Quick Sketch
Here’s something different, I decided to do this after the exciting announcement of Pokémon Sword and Shield for Nintendo Switch on the February day known as Pokemon Day. And this is a quick sketch so it’s done with a mechanical pencil it had to be delayed a bit to change some things and had some other things going on as well. So yeah hoping these do become the best new Pokémon games we’ve been wanting. (Also new Mystery Dungeon too hopefully) Here’s to another good year of catching them all!
Hey, it's been awhile since I made a journal, so why not finally have a bit of an update? Things have been going well for the most part and I'm gonna focus on getting more drawings out. So, onto the main topic of this journal, I thought I'd say all the things I enjoyed in 2018. It'll mostly be games but there was some other stuff as well, so let's get right to it.

Best Nintendo games:
Nintendo had another good year of games I'm very satisfied with how it's been going with the Switch mostly. The first game I got for Switch in 2018 was Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, because you all know I love Toadette. But it was actually really fun, seeing as if I never got the chance to get it on Wii U, I also liked the extra content and was overall cool to play over the summer vacation.
After that on my birthday I got Octopath Traveler, and it's pretty nice especially considering I'm a huge Final Fantasy fan. I haven't beaten it yet though but I can tell it's gonna be a good experience. I also got Octo Expansion for Splatoon 2 and it was actually a nice change in Nintendo gaming making it a lot more harder and more puzzle solving levels.
In October something really awesome happened, I won a giveaway on Twitter! I was really happy especially considering I was very stressed from things at that time. What is was was $99 in eShop funds, and with it I got a full year of Nintendo Switch online, to keep playing Splatoon and whatnot as well as the expansion passes for both Zelda Breath of the Wild and Xenoblade 2. I have yet to play the Zelda one but I sure did love playing the Torna DLC in Xenoblade, it looked better polish-wise and the characters and story were just as good as the main game. The other things I got was just some games on sale and 3DS themes.
Later on in October another cool thing happened, I got my own checking account opened up with my very own debit card! So, I'm excited to go and get a job to be able to buy my own things. But the first thing I got by exchanging some old 3DS games was Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2 on Switch! I was preparing myself for Mega Man 11 by playing through the 6 games I had on 3DS, but they were better and had a rewind function for the really tough parts. The only one I played in the 2nd collection was 7 but I'll get back to them sometime.
I don't remember playing any new game in November but I was playing my 3DS a bit more. What game was I playing? Sims 3, that's right I felt the urge to play it again after watching a let's play of the one Sims game I loved playing on PS2. I have a really cool house on there. Meow :3 
And finally December, you already know Smash Bros. I got it day 1 and unlocked everyone in 2 days. I proceeded to do everyone's classic mode and I just love all the details they put even in that mode making it reference things from each characters game. The bosses were cool as well and I'm still working to beat World of Light now, so I'll update you guys when I do that.
But yeah that's about it for Nintendo, like I said they had an amazing lineup this year. For Christmas I got me Mega Man 11 that I talked about, I'm sure that'll be good. Along with that I also got Pokemon Ultra Moon which is nice so far, chose Rowlet this time. And on top of all that I got the NES Classic, so I have about all I could've asked for. Getting to play the original Final Fantasy is pretty nice as well.
Speaking of that it's time to move on to PlayStation games.

Best PlayStation Games:
This won't be as long as the Nintendo one because I didn't play really any PlayStation until my birthday came around which obviously I got the game I was looking forward to, which is Spider-Man. This game, was incredible, they did pretty much everything right with it. The story especially was like honestly what I wanted in a new game for quite sometime. I'm excited to see what's next for Marvel games, this one will hold a special place in my heart though. (That sad ending too, no spoilers but yeah that definitely got me) That's all I gotta say about that, excelsior! (Rip Stan Lee also)
After that is when I actually got my own PS4, I played Spider-Man on my brother's one. It was a Black Friday pickup and basically the late birthday gift I was waiting for. I played Spider-Man again on the hardest difficulty and got platinum trophy, that did make me feel more greater.
I decided to also play a game I was looking forward to back in 2016 but only had now to get the chance to play it my own. That game is Final Fantasy XV, and boy was it worth the wait. It's all I could ask for in a new FF game if I'm gonna be honest the combat feels very addicting, the characters have such good personality especially Prompto I never get tired of hearing his goofy lines. I have currently made it to Chapter 8 in it which is where it'll stop being open world but I'm gonna be doing a couple more quests before I do that. But seriously, it deserves some more praise, the DLC got cancelled and stuff like that but it's honestly fine the way it is now no need for anymore DLC really.
That's all I had for PlayStation until Christmas, where I got two games Strange Brigade and Ratchet and Clank, which got boosted to four games thanks to my brother getting me Star Wars Battlefront II and Nier: Automata. So far I've played almost all of them, I'm loving Ratchet and Clank so far mostly. Strange Brigade is pretty cool too got it just 'cause I didn't want to get those new hip multiplayer games that came out on PS4 and Xbox this year like Black Ops 4. B-) (Cool) 
That's about it for PS4, one more thing is I got FF7 using my PlayStation Store Card and it gave me a cool theme with it so that's cool. Excited to see what awaits in this journey starring the one and only Cloud Strife.Cloud Strife :la:  
Sony had just as good of a year as Nintendo, I mean three of their exclusives wear nominated for Game of the Year including Spider-Man (which didn't win any awards unfortunately)

That's another thing to talk about, the game awards. Well you know I liked most of the announcements but the one that blew me away like everyone else was Joker in Smash. Hopefully we see some footage of him soon in a Nintendo Direct.
I've been talking a lot a bot games I'm not even done with this journal yet. Let's move on to movies.

Best movies:
Let's start with Marvel, Marvel keeps putting out so many movies and they're all good for the most part. The best one is obviously Infinity War, they pulled it off so well having all those characters at once. And that ending, yeah Thanos is gonna get some payback. There was also Black Panther and Venom, those are cool too. Other movies I saw was Predator which was alright just something where the comedy kinda outshines the other stuff. Last but not least, I saw Bumblebee. That was a good time honestly, it was set in 80s so it had a lot of throwback songs and all that. It was really cool seeing how the yellow guy himself saw things, and the relationship made with the human characters. I do recommend that movie as well, it may as well have saved the Transformers film series as well.

Wow, that was a lot of things, I think that's enough for this. Thanks for reading mostly everything I liked in 2018 and see you all for even more great things this year!
Happy New Year 2011 
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