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Ohayocon 2016 is next week so I guess it's time for this new thing we'll be doing here and posting what we'll do and when? Might find a better way to do this in the future with pictures maybe?

We and our roomies will be arriving on Thursday. Tradition is that Thursday is Chill day

The cosplay line up for us, and by us I mean, ApocalypticBees and Babyghoul. Sarah and Amanda. PikoriChan/Eliza and un-named Friend who wasn't apart of this until Colossalcon 2014:


Pre-Hilda X-ray: BabyGhoul
Pre-Hilda Vav: ApocalypticBees.

Genderbent Axel: BabyGhoul
Genderbent Roxas: ApocalypticBees

Blake Belladonna: BabyGhoul
Ruby Rose: ApocalypticBees

Mario Bros:
Princess Peach in a Mario Dress: BabyGhoul
Princess Daisy in a Luigi(Squeegie) Dress: ApocalypticBees
Note: We didn't have time or funds to make any actual outfits for Daisy and Peach. We fully recognize that these are old bought Halloween costumes but we really just wanted to be the girls and have an excuse to wear these dresses again sooner rather than later. Sorry not Sorry.

Saturday: Revealing Our Sailor Scouts-

Sailor Moon: ApocalypticBees
Sailor Mini Moon: Babyghoul

We say reveal because the name is a bit of a pun. Sailor Scouts because, obviously Sailor Scouts. So what's the pun? Scout Regimen. We will be doing a Sailor MoonXAttack on Titan Crossover. Granted: Not really finished. Financials occurred so we were not able to build our special 3D gear we originally designed, which will now be a summer project and we will bring the girls back again next year.

Nurse Panty Anarchy: Babyghoul
Nurse Stocking Anarchy: ApocalypticBees

Adventure Time:
Fiona: ApocalypticBees
Cake: BabyGhoul

This does not mean we will be wearing these in this particular order (Though most likely we will be) And Truth Be told: x-ray and vav is our go to comfy cosplay for when we're tired of being bound by other ones but we still want to run around and socialize. The only Guarantee for those two is that we will be wearing them for Registration and preferably during any RWBY Photoshoots we come across. Other than that we will be in and out of them for the whole weekend so keep an eye out. Think of it as a where's waldo? Maybe? You do you.

Other things:

'PikoriChan'/'Eliza'/'My Name is Sarah omfg stop it, Past me, you're not clever' Is converting this former personal page into a joint page with BabyGhoul. When we get around to getting a premium membership or I guess now a core membership we will be doing a full update of profile, contacts, ID, Icon and new name which will be revealed day of update.

That being said, It will still be mostly run by ApocalypticBees because Babyghoul is 1) lazy and 2) as of right now has no credible social media. Not saying that she won't be on once in a while but for the most part unless there is a Note or something addressed to her, ApocalypticBees will be relaying information and comments to her.

That being said, ApocalypticBees is also lazy in the fact of instead of making a whole new page she's just converting this one so she doesn't have to manage two accounts: But also that when the final merge changes are made she isn't changing anything from the past. No Tags, no corrections (ex: Descriptions of previous pictures saying I, Me, My, Eliza, Pikorichan, etc). The past is the past but it shouldn't be changed but it will be addressed in the new page update when the time comes.

Until then, Stay Beautiful, and hope to see you at con!



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