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Published: January 1, 2018
I'm not sure if I can call it a meme, but either way it's still fun if you want to join^ ^

How to play:

1. Choose one of my OC's (it can be anyone Citrine, Sound Wave, Peacock Diamond ect. )
2. Choose one of your OC's (All species, fandom, gender allowed) 
3. Send the ref or picture of your OC in this journal and i'll try to sketch them ^ ^

I'm not sure how many I'll be able to make, since I'm also working on my commission but well see that later ^ ^
Have fun~
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Plant--Mom|Student Traditional Artist
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How to make a good fanfoal by YugiohPonyAvengers
Apollo (stallion on the right) X Bloody Rose
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DivaManga19|Hobbyist General Artist…

Sapphire x Marshmellow xD
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I'm gonna guess this is closed rip me
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Hystericat|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hah I know I commented on this before but heh I changed my mind
maybe you could do Phantom Diamond x Peacock Diamond?
Diamondsona- Phantom Diamond by Hystericat  x Diamondsona- Peacock Diamond (relationship closed) by Pikokko  
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oh gosh WHY DIDN'T I SAW THIS EARLIER *cries in portuguese*

of course I choose Red and ...Citrine no, wait Yellow Quartz...oh wait...Ametrine! gosh I can't choose...
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Joystick12|Hobbyist General Artist
Mari with my gal, Blue Garnet?(Blue Garnet and Opal )
If you're still doing this of course
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Dadjoke-Ness|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow I'm late

Aqua Aura x Purple Agate

Off Colors by Pikokko Purple Agate Reference by MommaNessy  
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Citrine's new clothes *doodle* by Pikokko  & Jade's court |Serpentine Application by TiaBlackRaven  maybe? 

I  really really relly love CitrineMonkey love 

PS. If you need more "ideas" on my oc you can see here , also because compared to my first design she has changed a lot (for example the face is more longer and the eyes are much more round)
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zX-ShadowLugia111-Xz's avatar
zX-ShadowLugia111-Xz|Hobbyist General Artist
Perhaps you could do  Diamondsona- Peacock Diamond (relationship closed) by Pikokko    and     Pastel Diamond by zX-ShadowLugia111-Xz ?
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Nightfire-613|Student Digital Artist
Citrine's new clothes *doodle* by Pikokko + Abalone by Nightfire-613  ?
I know it's a long shot, since you're so busy, but I thought there's no harm in asking.
Also, would you mind much if I "stole" this? I'd credit you for the format, but I'd change the names of the OCs and remove that last part about commissions.
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CuriosityKittyEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
ERDU Farida - Ficha (3.0) by CuriosityKitty  +  Diamondsona- Peacock Diamond (relationship closed) by Pikokko maybe?

(She is a gem but is not part of the SU Universe, she is just an OC, and most of her design is transparent blue not a "solid" blue.)
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Mikazuki100|Student Artist
Lplun by SmilesUpsideDown  (Adopted her. Called Light Plum Jadeite. Has a square gem, but same gem colors. doesn't have the same nose as a Pearl) +  Ask Sunstone by Pikokko

Thanks and hope it's not too much work...
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Gemsona: Moonstone by Corlillian x  Peacock Sapphire and Zoisite Ruby by Pikokko (Zoisite Ruby)
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FLOWLIL|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Phoebe Reference by FLOWLIL Diamondsona- Peacock Diamond (relationship closed) by Pikokko

I love Peacock Diamond so muchHeart 
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thegaminggeek6|Student Digital Artist
Howlite Updated Refrence by thegaminggeek6   +  Citrine's new clothes *doodle* by Pikokko  ?

Thank you for the oppurtunity! 
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AquaticJM| General Artist
Since anything goes, might as well go crazy:
Diamondsona- Peacock Diamond (relationship closed) by Pikokko  and  Crius by AquaticJM  
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crazy1029|Hobbyist Digital Artist
moonstone + citrine
moonstones ref: Moonchild
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GatlingPea32's avatar
GatlingPea32|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your Peacock + my Peacock

Diamondsona- Peacock Diamond (relationship closed) by Pikokko  and  Peacock Lore by GatlingPea32  (The one on the left)
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MaK1rai|Hobbyist General Artist
*low key slides in my ol Violet Spinel boi*

Official Violet Spinel Reference by Ikyucatia

This boi and Citrine. Do your worst xD
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/slamming phone Keyes to put F.OpalxCitrine but realizing that's basically a fusion request but grabby hands anyway
Quick Nebula by Pikokko+ V4 Polly the Moonicorn by Khimi-chan???
or cos I'm a hag
Honeycomb Fire Opal by Khimi-chan + Mantrine by Pikokko/ Citrine's new clothes *doodle* by Pikokko
Thank you for the opportunity! <3
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Sketchderps|Professional Filmographer
It might cool to see one of those with Tiger and Citrine, since they've both got the kinda gold color scheme going
Kind of an old ref but prob the most informative still here
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Faith-Wolff|Hobbyist Digital Artist

Emerald 2017 by Faith-Wolff  +  Citrine's new clothes *doodle* by Pikokko
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Hoodie-n-Chaos|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have come for the Peacock + black orlov child of doom 
black orlov ref…
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