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Meet Jade

By Pikokko
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I hate finding pony names ;v;

Actually I mixed my need of making female character and curiosity about this ship and ta-dah!! I've made her.

I used this guide: kilala97.deviantart.com/art/Dr… by :iconkilala97:

Her project is still fresh, but I want to have a base to work on ^ ^

Damn I like this type of bangs~

Name: Jadeite Sparkle (Just Jade)

Parents: Twilight Sparkle and Spike

Siblings: none (for now)

Type: Dragon Pony

Occupation: Princess

Personality: Chilly, mysterious, friendly, lazy

Despite being a half-dragon Jade has everything a real princess would wish for: Regal look, calm personality, grace...but also high aversion for her royal duties. Like her father she likes comics, sleeping, eating gems and simple procrastinating instead of learnig and attending parties. Unfortunatly, raising with a mother with such amazing knowledge, made her little uncertain about her choices, being sure that she can't win any argument. That made her lazy and unsteady, but she tries to fight with that for her friends.

-As a kid she wanted to be a soldier.

-She can't meet her friends that ofter ince she lives in Canterlot.

-Wave has a big crush on her. Jade is the only pony that can make him quiet. Marshmallow is peeing himself from happiness everytime she arrives.

-Her role model is Celestia. As a princess she's trying to be like her.

MLP belongs to Hasbro
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"peeing himself from happiness everytime she arrives"- that's nice to know Marshall 
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Jade is so beautiful! I love her design, so elegant and graceful! 
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AAAAHHHH this child is cute! My favourite is Marshal [who I may have a crush on in a spiritual sense] but she's now my second FAVOURITE!!
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Last two and I started shipping X3
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1) love the design: beautiful, elegant, and excellent color scheme. 2) I ship those two......they are just so cute together: the loud, exciting stallion reduced to a shy, whispering colt by the beauty of a mare. I can see so many romantic and hilarious stories for these two.
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"She can't meet her friends that ofter ince she lives in Canterlot."

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I love this! Especially since I have been shipping TwiSpike more since also shipping Bulkshy, but I love Twishy. So live your love through your kids XD
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I need to learn to draw like this... What do you use?
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Oh ^ ^ Usually Paint Tool Sai
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It's a programm to draw ^ ^
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Well good job. Jade looks awesome.
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I feel like her and my spilight daughter,Violet, would get along really well
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Oh ^ ^ You have a spilight daughter?
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Yeah and her gay twin brother XD
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Wha XDD sounds liek fun
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I see twilight and spike as a mother and son thing but she is purdy owo
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Awww thank you <D
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- curiosity, not curiousity
- soldier, not solider

I love correcting other people's faults. sorry. I'm just a nerdy girl. sorry again.
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Fixed <D 

Don't worry I don't mind. I'm even grateful. English isn't my first language ^ ^'
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Twilight and Spike...? Isn't that a bit... awkward?
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