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Love Letter from China trash

By Pikokko
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Or "Pikokko is pretending to be an animator" let me dream guys :iconomgwtfbbqplz:

1-2. Just couple gems that would arrive in episode. 
Jadeite: Mysterious gem that observes Larimar and Citrine since they arrived in China. For a moment she's Aquamarines partner. Her goal isn't clear, but one is sure. She's looking for Tree Temple too. 
While looking for Yellow Quartz for her master, little Aquamarine gets involved in Jadeite's adventure. She's not sure about her new "friend" but since they are moving in the same direction...

Jade and Sylvite- Two crystal gems protecting the Tree Temple. After a small fight with Citrine and Larimar, Jade decided to help forgein gems on saving their friend. Jade has mixed feelings about Jadeite, since she doesn't look like regular Jade's and her alliance isn't clear. Sylvite likes to bug Citrine and Larimar that they can't fuse properly.

3. Special Sunstone- Nope XD It's not her canon look or a reform, just a special look for this episode XD. This adventure brought Citrine and Larimar closer. After a talk, they are finally able to fuse in Sunstone and discover all her abilities, liike floating or fire breath. Together they are finally able to heal Emerald.

4.Something that suppose to be Tree Temple but I think it's not majestic enough >3> But hey, at least I tried doing background~

6. CEL in their asian theme clothes. And yes as you can see i'm not that familair with chinese culture ;v; Maybe if I would make more researches it would be more legit. 

7. Well I'm not sure if girls would be able to find wrap pad to China ovo; besides I like the idea of them having to swim all the way XD

I would love to draw Onyx in asian theme ( I wanted to make her a short yukata or something similair) but I guess she's now in Zircon's base, where next episode could take place~ 

Ok that episode isn't that serious, but it was fun to play in episode design ;v;

Also, I don't know that many asian theme gems, so if you are interesting in joining with your gemsona, or have any ideas for that episode, feel free to share ovo/

Characters belongs to :iconmyanaconda::icongazao::iconxombiejunky::iconfaith-wolff::iconkilala97:
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Jade its a quartz?
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Voces fazem um desenho animado au algo do tipo?Se sim me mande o lik, estou muito curiosa para assitir(se tiver)kkkkkkkkkkk
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Would it be okay if I draw your Jadeite with my Jade? They both have some similarities and I REALLY love Jadeite's design!
Pikokko's avatar
Jadeite belongs to :iconmyanaconda: but feel Free ^^
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Oh crap XD Thanks for being nice to me though, people can be mean if you make a mistake XD
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Aaaah! These concepts are super cute!

But here's my opinion/suggestion:

I'm Chinese and I can say that Larimar's and Critine's outfits are quite convincing to be Chinese styled. But Emerald's outfit is more Korean (probably because of the high waist skirt and bow). Also for Onyx's outfit that was mentioned in the description, if you do want to keep the 'Chinese' theme, please don't use a yukata.

Unless you just want to have an 'Asian' theme instead of Chinese, that's fine.

Oh lord, this feels like suicide stating my option on the Internet 0-0;;;

If you would like some info on Chinese culture and outfit etc. feel free to message me! ^v^)//
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Thenk you very much ;v; I'll apreciate any help.
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"Easy, we just swim to China!"

[facepalm] Really, Larimar?

Do you know how far China is? XD 

I can't stop chuckling at the notes, and Sunstone's one takes the cake! XD

Also, CEL's costumes look more Korean than Chinese, just pointing it out. XD
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Yooooo loving this storyyyy

Pikokko's avatar
Aw yeaaa >D I'm glad you do /)*3*(\
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pardon my language but fuckingBartholomewfuckyeah
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"LET'S SWIM TO CHINA" really Larimar?!
but...well if anyone could, I guess it would be her!!
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Great. Now I want to see onyx in asian theme cloths. 
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My gem's kinda asian themed.
He's a ninja. That's pretty asian. XD
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This looks awesome!
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This is just so amazing~
I bet you would be a pretty great animator though, so don't get your hopes down!
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Aah, Sylvite is so pretty! She looks like a Pokémon trainer. XD
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that notes on the references?, I don't know how its called XD are life
I love the gems of this episode, the asian clothes are so beautiful
hmmm ideas... I have a china theme gem (crystal gem, China Jade) but, too lazy to color it, well, so if the gems come tired to China from swiming that long (where do they live, E.U. Poland?) they would try to take a nap or just stay there in a place, or try to eat and don't liking it so they run without pay, and the chinese women try to punch they, failing totally, and then is night and they just go out and watch for the tree and then they saw the mountain and try to climb the mountain but they fail because Larimar gave up at 2 meters so  so Citrine just levitate to the top of the mountain with Larimar on her back, a fight, Sunstone wins and they heal Emerald and to the last point they go for Onyx with some leafs ( thats wath heal from the tree right?) by caution if someone gots hurt
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Your jems are amazing
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i love this so much omg omg omg 8D
i need to try my hand at these episode thingies
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