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Diamond OC Rainbow Diamond ADOPTABLE

Rainbow Diamond- belongs to :iconpitterpaint:

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Goddamnit I was late again
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I NEED HIM!!! for :iconpitterpaint:
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It came out great, I also did an oc of steven universe called raimbow gem but for my bad luck I went wrong for the wardrobe, skin color and hair including its gem, try to change loc colors but in the end I ended up doing another oc called pezzotaite TnT but to you if it went well and is pretty (you lucky ^^)
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Omg he's so fabulous :3
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We only have 4 Diamonds: White, Yellow, Blue, & Pink. We can't have more.
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does he have a pearl??
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What a wonderful OC, both design-wise and personality-wise! I don't even watch Steven Universe~
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Awesome concept :D
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aa i love his design!
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god im gay for this diamond
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His hair is so beautiful. :love:
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o h no i love him
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I literally had the same idea! Although a different design.
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oh my god...can he be the gem dadof Mass aqua? she is the very first gem on the left.she is a smol bean~  Gems 2.0 by oXGoldFinchXo
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Sure :D would be awesome
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squee, thank you~. is it ok if I draw Rainbow diamond for a lil cute pic? :)
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I love the art style! You managed to make the rainbows work for this OC and I absolutely love what you did with it!
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this diamond is the pure opposite of my diamond
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I can relate myself with him so much XD
I really love his colors <3
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sweet jesus i love him
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