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[Shedu Handler] Lily Evergreen



Name: Lily Evergreen Gender: Female D.O.B. February 29th, 1969 (53 Yrs old) Nationality: American (European descent)

Profession: N/A Professional division & rank: N/A

Traits & skills: N/A

Height: 5'10 Eye color: Green Hair color: Platinum Blond (Almost white due to age + stress) Body build: Lean but healthy

Additional details about appearance: Glasses are black and square shaped, needs them to see. Scars on body from patients (cats).

Personality: Lily is very mellow but does like to follow the rules a lot. She looks down upon streetbred shedus and pities ferals that are without a loving home. She is very smart and patient but will put her foot down when needed.

Biography: Lily was born in Idaho, USA and was raised by her two parents, who both worked for Official Shedu Organizations that hosted events and bred cats. She was not allowed to have her own Sheducat however- but Lily made do with helping her parents around their workplaces.

Lily would go to school to become a Shedu Vet and has been working as a professional for years until a round of layoffs hit her clinic and she got hired at Beet-Soup Cattery's Canadian Location.

Cattery: Vet and General Handler at Beet-Soup-Cattery

Cat Yard or Gang: N/A

Shedus, that belong to your character:

Giacomo 35823

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