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Crystals Progress Tutorial

I've been asked multiple times if I could make a tutorial... So I tried to make one. It's mostly a progression of the way I draw crystals but I hope you can find it useful in some way. Sorry for not giving more detailed information than "add this and add that", English is not my first language and I have some difficulties explaining with it. But anyway, I still hope it helps! c:

More crystals:
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very useful! I'll definitely use this to draw crystals in one of my drawings!

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Thanks for this!
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Thank you for this! It will help me a lot!<3
OtakuLoveKawaii12's avatar
Yeah, I needed this!! Thank you!!
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I think mine came out pretty well
Gem2 by Anubis-hound  
FerrariLamborghini's avatar
No offense, but that looks like SCP-409
clarathesketchywolf's avatar
I clicked on to this because it was useful with drawing that SCP XD
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Thanks yooou sooo much 
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Nice tutorial, this is very helpful. :)
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Very awesome, it reminds me of Diancie's diamond domain/kingdom
Thank you!  this will be helpful!
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this will be good to have
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not enough minerals. Not enough drone's

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This is so useful, thank you!
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Theres just something satisfying about looking at geodes and other such natural geometric structures
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Awesome tutorial. Thinking more for 'Energon' from Transformers, so this should be helpful! Thanx! ^^ 
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Really helped me. Thank you!
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Wow! This is awesome! Good work! :) Could you please check out my art, I would love your input! :)
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This is quiet helpful steps, especially to a beginner like me.
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Awesome! Can't wait to try this out :)
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Is this for Paint Tool Sai only? Cause, I have that. ^_^
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