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Sagiri Stickers

By Pikiru
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light cherry blossoms g Sagiri Sticker Pack  light cherry blossoms h

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pink heart {big} 2 stickers total
pink heart {big} 4.5cm
pink heart {big} Handmade with love!  

Perfect for decorating notebooks, diaries, calendars, etc!    

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Very cute ❤️

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so beautiful~!! <33
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Fluff , fluff , fluff ... MORE FLUFF ! This is very kyute ~
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Thank you so much!!! T//7///T <3333
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Thank you <333
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So lovely !! I really like the way you line your drawings, and the simple soft colouring is so effective and sparkly ~ ⌒ω⌒ . . .
Pikiru's avatar
Wahh thank you very much!! So happy you like it!! :heart://
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Thank you!! <333
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ahh she looks absolutely adorable! 

also, do you mean bad quality thumbnail? it happened to me earlier but i managed to find a solution!
when you upload a drawing with a background, erase a pixel, so the drawing is transparent. then the thumb won't have the ugly jpeg compression. <3  
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Thank you so much as always!! T^T :heart:

Ahh, actually I meant the actual picture when loaded and even zoomed in, is very blurry and just plain horrible! Especially pixel art!! :(
I'm being told that others see it fine, but to me it's just so blurry (for example this sagiri to me is so blurry, even if the original is crisp)

But thanks so much for the tip!! I'll be sure to remember that for future use!! :D
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no problem! ;v;

huuh that's very weird. O: like other people, i can see your arts just fine! they look really crisp. Not blurry at all.>< i wonder if it's just dA bugging again.
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Aww thank you for letting me know!! ;-; I'm relieved that it is possibly just me T^T!!! Hopefully it'll fix itself soon! If not, I will contact dA help TWT Thank you!<3
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Thank you! <3
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very cute! love the clean art style.:)
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Thank you so much!! TwT <3333
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cuteness overload :) 
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Thank you!!! <3
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Shes sooo cuuute pikiru!
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Thank you so much aaa :heart:
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