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Hi, for those who have been following me over the last few weeks, my gallery recently featured this submittal of a commission tattoo.  Well today is the day where my friend will get the line art started by the tattooist, as we are both excited to see it complete it will however be a couple of sittings to bare the pain.  So I will be linking the actual tattoo work in its each stage, so keep an eye out for the first photo, thanx working for 4 days, got to get some more pin up work done, two to complete, and a new one to finish off.  Sketchbook pro and Wacom are working overtime and rightly so.  Going to have to register Photoshop and start to get to grips with it, but feel guilty if I leave SBP, so will ave to do line art with SBP and colour textures with PS
Hi all, got two commissions to complete this week in my four days off, friend of mine asked me to design a tattoo for a back piece, will submit the completed design this week once complete.  And a friend from work has commissioned me for a smaller tattoo of a pin up playing golf.  Then I can get back to portfolio work before I'm back at work