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Love Birds

it took about an hour to draw this :D
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Nov 30, 1999, 12:00:00 AM
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awww... cute :)
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thank you :D im glad u like it!
its one of the most famous peices i've done :D
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elisa-desing's avatar
OMG!! is so wonderful!!
you have a great talent!!!
pikels2's avatar
aaww thank you :D :hug: Im so happy you like it!!!!
elisa-desing's avatar
:iconaawplz: you welcome is a pleasure!!
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Aw adoreable work here
pikels2's avatar
thank you so much :D :hug:
lamoco-13's avatar
AWWWWWW!! This is so cuteeeeee!!! ^^

There's a world without you, I see the light
:music: :blackrose: Livin' in a world without you!
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thank you very much :D Im really happy you like it !!!
lamoco-13's avatar
My pleasure :)

There's a world without you, I see the light
:music: :blackrose: Livin' in a world without you!
TarcDnB's avatar
this is so cute!
And I like its simplicity, it's got style to it because of that!
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yea.. i usually make things with detail becuz im so use to it and plus its just me :) but i noticed that this drawing didn't need that much detail.... so i made it simple and smooth.
Plus the pic i looked off, was a water painting, so it didn't have that much detail, i could have put in some but i decided not to.
Thanks for the comment. It means a great deal from coming out of u :) and for everyone that gives feedback. :hug:
TarcDnB's avatar
It's nice as it is! having different styles. this sweet picture looks nice with this soft touch
pikels2's avatar
thanks :)
thats what i wanted !
littlegreenjellybean's avatar
this is absolutely beautiful! Nice work!
pikels2's avatar
that you so much!!
Much appreciated ! :hug:
kerimheper's avatar
good comp.
I always loved B&W

My eyes were looking for more detail on tails specialy right one .
I think you spend time on the left one more then right one feets having happy mood.

Considering your eye drawings you can improve this lovely birds with much more detail.

Keep them coming
pikels2's avatar
thank you :D
i know what u mean lol but i was trying to make it simple and soft. I actually saw this pic off somewhere and it was painted in water colors and didn't had that much detail..... so i drew it in pencil of the way it looked.

but thanks for the feedback :hug:
and i will

Check out the rest of my gallery if u like :D
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I have checked your gallery you are drawing good.
Keep working also in digital way with graphic tablet.
Digital painting is a must if you are going to choose this as profession.
pikels2's avatar
Yea I'm still practicing !!:) ask I go on I get more better.

I never tried digital.... I heard they coast a lot of money. And no I'm not going to take this as a profession becuz I'm going to take up graphic design as a career or something to do will film/ advertisement.
kerimheper's avatar
if you have one skill that you already have try to keep it . Others will come in time with practice. Designing is just like drawing if you can combine it you can be better graphic artist.

Think about it this way I am photographer and semi designer I combine them while I work its becoming easier for me. If I could draw like ı was it would be much more easier some times.

Not all the taplets are expensive link below 39$ just like a mouse price you can try it if you get use of it you could by expensive ones those models have larger drawing area but you can do basicly the same with these
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