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Noise: Shadows of the Signs

My entry for the *wewy competition. The idea stems from the nature of Shibuya as a city center simply covered in billboards and signs which are more often than not showcasing images of people. What if these Noise derived from the billboards themselves, as creatures that pulled from the images' colors and forms?
I have never been to Shibuya myself, but I paralleled it to Times Square, and I know in TS you can't get very far without being accosted by another massive billboard advertisement; thus, I assumed Shibuya would be relatively similar. Noise would come from all directions and all levels of the district, surrounding you wherever you went.

Please download for full size. Thanks!

On another note, I am glad for the extension, as my school work has been quite tremendous (hence the reason I haven't uploaded anything in forever). Doing the background for these creatures was strenuous, but enjoyable and took much much longer than the actual villains, ironically.

Welp, enjoy!

EDIT: I just wanted to thank everyone for their support and super amazingly nice comments! I've never gotten so much response on an image before! The choice to do a noise/background image as opposed to a character sheet was a little counterintuitive for me, but I'm happy it got somewhere (and glad I didn't get disqualified sticking Cloud in the picture)!

Again, thanks so much!! You guys are the best~
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tomytieneblas74's avatar
Hey, Cloud's cellphone ad makes a cameo here ! :D
Zanninsei-Sammeh's avatar
I love this too much for words. Amazing.
Also loving Cloud, haha.
unflavoredpocky's avatar
that's wonderful! lol, is cloud advertising a cellhpone? XD
omgwtfbbqplz's avatar
OMG FF7:AC cell phone ad XD
Comolo's avatar
great piece
your perspective is amazing
kit-kat-s's avatar
Very lovely! Congrats on being in the top ten! :icontarddanceplz:
gost4ever's avatar
cloud sale promocionan do una video camara xD!!

muy buen fondo!!! mucha suerte que esta muy bien echo!
Zarokin's avatar
Nurhurhurhur...Cloud advertising cellphones... >3 That's just rich. <3
avatarv2's avatar
awesome work. congrats on ur results! =P
SnowCrasher's avatar
Brilliant idea!!
wolverinegurl's avatar
i lvoe the way cloud is lol nice work i hope u wn the contest
IF-LovE-WaS-BluE's avatar
man cloud's shadow would cause pure ownage!
reimei's avatar
Very original idea and I totally agree with you about TS since it's so true since I've been there three times - total madness I can only imagine what Shibuya's like! o_O
ShamelessMagic's avatar
It's a great idea to have Noise coming from everywhere, since TS is a very busy, bustling place(I've been there, loud but fun. xD). I also really like the shapes creeping out of the billboards. The first one at the very top and the hand-like shape coming from the Cloud billboard(!!!) are my favorites. Oh, and that Cloud ad is flipping amusing. (it'd be really weird if you got disqualified. After all, Tetsuya Nomura designed Cloud himself)
pikapikashuichi's avatar
haha, yeah, I figured it would be okay since Nomura did design him, heh. I'm glad you liked it! *hart hart hart*
kenshi-refluxed's avatar
Nice angling, it looks like it's about to crumble in. Congrats on the contest too.
ThisIsBright's avatar
nevi. i love you. your work rocks my socks big time.
pikapikashuichi's avatar
!!! Nikki!!!! zomg I am super-amazing-happy I know what your name is now!! wweee~! I love you too dear. But I do not love the decal enforcer man who drives around daap kicking you out of parking spots. . . he is a large jerk.
PleaseWakeUp's avatar
Congrats!! What does it mean by "noise"??
pikapikashuichi's avatar
Noise are the name of the villains in the video game, so all the categories where villains were drawn started with the title Noise: for clarification. And thanks, I'm glad you liked it!! ^_^
seene's avatar
Best finalist.
CloudZlight's avatar
OMG! I see Cloud!! ^_^ lol, i like the angles and point of view looking down and everything.
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