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Day and night

By pikaole
He is waiting her.
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I am writing children's stories.

I am looking for an illustrator.

Please see my bio and let me know if you are interested.
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I love how colorful
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How sad T_T

The day scene looks very nice. I really feel like the sun is shining! But I'm not sure why there are shadows in the top corners of the day scene?

The night scene is an interesting reflection of the day scene. But I feel like the streetlights are too dim in the night scene.

In my experience, streetlights are usually bright. The brightness would create very dark shadows and very bright areas on some plants, the bench, and the sidewalk. There would probably be some shadow to the left and right of the bird.

Unless the light bulbs are just turning on for the night scene or something else, the night scene doesn't look as good as it could be in my eyes.
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That is the scene of animation, so It's moving picture.
The shadows in the top corners is some kind of... view through a camera.
The streetlights are dim in that picture, because if they are bright, the character will go out of sight.
I understand what you mean, but I prefer minimal shadow in my work nowadays.
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Ah, I can see where you're coming from.
What you decide for your work is probably the best.
Best of luck with your animation :tea:
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Thanks again :)
Have a nice day!
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ah very lovely^^
the colours, the patterns :love:
beautiful :aww:
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<3 love your art as usual. i love how you did with the trees. such unique designs.. so inspiring indeed. hope you can post your art more <3 <3 :hug:
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Yeah, when I finish my film, I'll draw some paintings and than upload it.
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Reminiscent of a video game! Your illustrations are always so vibrant, from the eyes of a character, to the flora!
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Hehe thank you so much :)
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looks like a screenshot of an animation.
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Yep. It's steel cuts of my animation!
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:D Beautiful and sad :heart:
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Really beautiful detailed backgrounds! They remind me of those in "The mole" (Krtek), which is a very good thing!! Makes me feel comfortable and at home :)
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I didn't know 'the mole' until yesterday.
Before the other guy gave me links those animation.
And I fell in love with them XD.
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