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Lataria- Sinnoh Ref by Pikanyaa-san Lataria- Sinnoh Ref :iconpikanyaa-san:Pikanyaa-san 3 0
Chap 9- Fortree City | The Will to Go On
Lataria and Cyril are standing side-by-side in a clearing outside the Pokemon Center when Winona returns with Skarmory from the direction of her gym. “Sorry for the wait. I had to go retrieve something.”
The two face each other from opposite sides of the field as their Pokemon stand in position up front. “All right Cyril, are you ready?” Lataria asks. He nods confidently.
Winona grins. “You may have the first move.”
“Gladly.” Lataria remarks. “All right Cyril, try a Confusion attack!”
Cyril holds his hands out and the same blue aura from before surrounds them. The aura then envelops Skarmory and lifts it into the air. Lataria notices, however, that their opponent doesn’t even struggle against the attack. “Medi...TITE!” Cyril throws Skarmory down at the ground, but the iron bird breaks out of the Confusion’s hold just in time to flap its wings and ascend back into the air.
“Nice recovery, Skarmory.
:iconpikanyaa-san:Pikanyaa-san 0 0
Chap 9- Fortree City | Healing
With Cyril in her arms and the poem and stone in her pocket, Lataria finally returns to the lobby just in time for Cayl to run out to greet her from the medical side. “Hey La! Are you feelin’ better?”
“Yeah actually, I am,” she responds. “For now at least.”
“That’s good. Oh yeah, I was coming to tell you that Kecleon you brought in is awake!”
“He is?!” Lataria exclaims. “Can I see him?”
“Yup, follow me!”
Lataria follows Cayl down the hall past the emergency room she had been in earlier that morning. Most of the Pokemon have been treated and released back to the wild, though a few of the more seriously injured have to stay in intensive care for a couple of days, Cayl explains. He leads her into a patient room where Nurse Joy is checking on various Pokemons’ vitals. Cayl leads her over to a bed by the window, and there he is. Kecleon is sitting up with eyes darting around the room, looki
:iconpikanyaa-san:Pikanyaa-san 0 0
Chap 9- Fortree City | All I Know
Another waiting room, though this one seems more for relaxation and socializing. It must be part of the trainer lodging side of the Pokemon Center, Lataria realizes. The room is empty, so she walks over to a couch by a window and takes a seat. The room is mostly dim save for the faint forest sunlight coming through the window, which is more than bright enough for Lataria to read the letter by. Her fingers trembling, she unfolds the letter and glances over the handwriting. It’s surprisingly legible, she’s proud to see. He made good progress... but content is key. She draws her knees up to her chest reads the title- “All I Know...”
“I bruise you
You bruise me
We both bruise too easily
And we can’t help but let it show
I love you...”
Lataria pauses, “... and that’s all I know.”
She leans back and moans. “Arceus Christ, it’s a love letter. Why...” Meditite gazes up at her, his curious eyes begging h
:iconpikanyaa-san:Pikanyaa-san 0 0
Chap 9- Fortree City | Interrogation
After entering, Officer Jenny takes a seat near the center of the room, and the other two officers motion for Lataria to take a seat across from her beside the door, locking it behind them. She nervously sits down with her hands pressed together in her lap, glancing anxiously at the two men as they take seats on either side of her. Jenny takes out a manila folder and a recorder, sets the device on the chair beside her, and pulls a sheet of paper out of the folder. “I know you’re wondering why we brought you in here, so we’ll cut to the chase.” She turns the paper over and holds it out for Lataria to see. “Do you know this man?”
It’s a mugshot of Nimbus.
Lataria glances at it, then her eyes drift solemnly to the floor. “Yes...”
Jenny nods and the two men quickly jot something down in their own notepads. She continues, “His name is Cyril Mason Nimbiosa. He goes by the alias ‘C Nimbus’ and is a wanted felon in the Kan
:iconpikanyaa-san:Pikanyaa-san 0 0
Chap 9- Fortree City | Damages
“I need four tanks of oxygen and three rolls of gauze, stat!”
Fortree City’s Pokemon Center is in shambles, the employees and volunteers chaotically rushing to treat the surge of Pokemon being brought into the center throughout the morning. Most of them are flyers and upper-level tree dwellers, found lying on the forest floor, suffering from smoke inhalation. A few of them are singed as well. Nurse Joy and her team have never seen a catastrophe this severe before, and everyone in the center works as quickly as possible to try and get the Pokemon brought in back to stable condition when another person bursts in through the front door alongside a Meditite.
“Oh no, not another...” Nurse Joy exasperates. “I’m sorry, but we can’t handle any more Pokemon right now-“
“Please, Nurse Joy!” Lataria exclaims. “This Pokemon is close to dying!” She hurries over and shows her the Kecleon, covered in severe burns from head
:iconpikanyaa-san:Pikanyaa-san 0 0
Chap 9- Fortree City | Aftermath
The sun rises on a new day in Fortree City, but the light is obscured somewhat by the haze of smoke still lingering in the air. Extending above the forest ceiling, a solitary tree reaches up for the sky with bare and burned branches, still smoldering slightly, charred and ashen, but miraculously still alive, its inner vegetation still verdant with unharmed leaves enough to recover. This great tree has seen a history of violence and damage, but through the centuries it has remained a prime example of perseverance and strength. And strength is exactly what its defender needs now as the emerald Guardian of the Sky descends to the ground, patched with spots of sunlight between the gaps of leafless limbs, and allows her to dismount. Not a word escapes her lips as she weakly slides off his back.
“Child, thank you for your courage and leadership,” he says to her. “Without you, this tree surely would have perished under that man’s assault.”
Lataria disacknowledges
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Name translations for my own sake
Vampiresessh -> Absel
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ComicHoagies -> Eve
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AwesomeEclipse -> Kady
Ferbii -> kiko987149
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BitteMiau -> Pieon
WingSketcher -> Pinkie
Cuppae -> Refrigerator
Gpotious -> Relic Grovyle
Unicornsonacid -> Ringo
igracidea -> Sammich
casettedeck -> SKK
USSAud -> SquirtleGirl
xrai222 -> Sweet_Vulpix
Chimbuko -> Undao

ClefdeSoll -> Shadow
yuekakii -> Yukii-Maru

GothicTwilight -> Cassie
Bio-Nova -> Kevin
Battery-Acid2293 -> Christian

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Yes, I watch all these people.


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