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WAAPT Group Shot 2012

Umm...How to start...

This was a huge pain in the arse, which is something I don't necessarily use to describe most projects. Spanning 73 named characters of both Pokemon and people and a dirt drawing, this was very...colorful to say the least when finished. Blur was a HUGE timesaver. On paper, this was 5 pages wide (in actuality, 2 11 x 17 sheets and an 11 x 8.5 sheet), where "pages" 1 & 2 were good to start, "page" 3 was okay, but "pages" 4 & 5 had to be redone a total of 4 times before I was happy with it. I'm happy with my work everytime, but somehow, I think I could've done better had I chose not to make some compromises. Nonetheless, I'm not one to regret my decisions. I'll just learn from them.
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Amazing! Am I in there?
Between Arika and Gamer, Under Eskay and Alli.
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Uuuh, the one in the blue shirt and purple jacket?
That's the one.
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Freaking AWESOME Pika!
...Wonderful as always.

A shame I could not be a part of it... But that is my own fault.
There's always the Character Portraits.
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It looks awesome, Pika.
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A listing of everyone in it, as accurately lined as possible for a pic like this.(minus a few Pokemon)

Styx, Umbra, Ammy, Luxord, Diane, Gil?, Every, Slouch, Skye, Wally, Mezzo, Pianis, Nicole, Casval, Artesia, Rex, Straw, Kim, Psyche, Arika, Meddler, Eskay, Alli, RL!Pika, Vrang, Fool, Tagg, Gamer, Daisy, Carol, Trish, Trip, Susan?, Human!Chrome(aka Michael), Steven, Arcus, Rawst, Alyssa, Lyuri, Luke, OuRex, Amanita, Onion, Pent, Crow, Jab on Crewe, Star, Lina, Ian, Origa, Amber, Sakura, Melody, Maggie, Des, Forte and Katie, Fortis, Wolf, Wolf's Latias, Tracer, Basket, DS, Maekrite, Jeff, Tangent, Silent.
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