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Pikanic Picrew V2

FR: Le dessin c'est ma passion, j'aimerais devenir dessinateur/réalisateur de dessin animé, de film d'animation et même de jeux vidéo, j'espère pouvoir réaliser ce rêve très bientôt.

EN: Drawing is my passion, I would like to become cartoonist / director of cartoon, animated film and even video games, I hope to be able to realize this dream very soon.

Mes autres comptes/My other accoun

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC193CmzjFHYBGJZ6cdZatZA

:facebook: Pikanic Renard

Twitter Bird Icon pikanic (@pikaniclerenard) | Twitter https://twitter.com/PikanicNSFW

Pixiv Icon Logo 「pikanic」s Profile [pixiv]

FurAffinity Icon Userpage of Pikanic -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Discord (color) Icon ultramini Pikanic#0503

Mon serveur Discord:


My Discord server:


Code ami Nintendo Switch/Friend code Nintendo Switch: SW-8171-254 -4536

Mes artistes préférés/My favorite artis

AkuOreo BubbleberrySanders ChompWorks DANMAKUMAN DrAltruist hachimitsu-ink JubiaMaJo Kureahime Maliki-Officiel Rayforce557 rethnick RYURED sinrin8210 SkyspearDW Suirano Witchking00

Mes Pokémons/My Pokemons

Gardevoir #282 Mega Gardevoir Lunala Lopunny Jirachi Meloetta Meloetta-pirouette Cap Pikachu (kanto) #025 Ninetales Rapidash Primarina Keldeo Whimsicott Roserade Floette-blue Tsareena #763 Gourgeist Froslass Mawile Goodra Gallade Lucario Pokeball Vivillon Ribombee Suicune Latias

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Favourite Visual Artist
AkuOreo, SkyspearDW, RYURED, Maliki, & more
Favourite Movies
Disney/Pixar, Dofus & more animation film
Favourite TV Shows
Magic Knight Rayearth, Steven Univers, She-ra (Netflix), Wakfu, Ducktales (2017) & more
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
TAI SHINDEHAI, Kyle Allen, CG5, DA Games & The Living Tombstone
Favourite Games
Pokemon, Mario, Sonic, Super Smash Bros, Shantae, Splatoon, Kingdom Hearts, Rayman & more
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo 3DS (RIP) & Nintendo Switch.
Other Interests
Video game, TV, animation 2D & 3D and internet.
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fictional character (like my OC Pokémon, MLP, Sonic and other)Sonic Thumbs Up
animals and mystical creatures (mermaid, harpy, slime and more)Mermaid Emote
both at the same timeFox emoji - wut?
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For those who are interested, I have a personal Discord server, so don't hesitate to come, with respect please I don't want people looking for trouble in my house, thank you. https://discord.gg/3QMudgS
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FR: Si vous aimais mes créations et que aimerais me faire connaissance, n'hésitez pas à venir dans mon serveur Discord. https://discord.gg/DdgeEad EN: If you liked my creations and would like to get to know me, don't hesitate to come to my Discord server. https://discord.gg/3QMudgS
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Thank you for favoriting "Fairy Orihime". :)

Just a little comment...please? Pikachu want it

Thanks for the fave!

Thanks for the faveeee

Thanks for the fave! :)

Thanks for the fave on my Whimsicott, I really appreciate it! x3


Thank you for your fav on my

PK the Duck Avenger BOOKMARK

PK the Duck Avenger BOOKMARK

I appreciated!

if you want to look at my other drawings, comment on them and follow my page

thanks for everything

Bunny Emoji-66 (Thank you arigatou) [V3]