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St. Basil's Cathedral etch a sketch

By pikajane
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I was given permission by :iconagiantsquid: to etch their wonderful photograph:

This piece was well over a year in the making and I am thrilled with how it turned out! Countless hours were poured into this. The hardest part was those swirly spires!

Like many other Americans, I was introduced to this architectural masterpiece by playing Tetris.

EDIT (07-27-19): Updated the main file for better quality!
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Many hours of patient knob turning!!!
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One look and i said "holy shit! aint no damn way!!"
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That looks awesome! This must take forever to do!
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Over a year in the making, according to the description.
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Wow, it must have been incredibly frustrating to make. I can't even draw a stickman on those.
Wonderful work, so many details... I can't believe it!
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I love the architectural pieces! 
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how do you not accidentally shake it and erase it all!  That what was difficult for me with echasketchs because you'd make a pic you'd like and one little bump and it could disappear!!!  Cudos for mastering such an awesome art syle!!!
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Thank you! I have been very careful with this piece, only working on it while it was sitting on a desk. I drained it of its powder afterwards. Now I usually drain my etch a sketches before I start a piece so I won't have to worry about it erasing before I finish it :) 
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Oh wow, just one more reason to love etchasketch! Amazing work!
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    ....holy wow...
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As someone who never mastered the etch-a-sketch, I am in awe!  Congratulations on your DD! :clap:
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This is... amazing.  One question:  How many hours have you spent etching stuff?  Seriously, i want to know.
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Oh man...I cannot even count the hours I've poured into etch a sketching. I've been laying with one for 18 years. So I'd say well over a thousand hours--perhaps even thousands!
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My all time best etch was a face... and that's just because I got pissed and started randomly moving it and it came out looking like a really messed up face.
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nice! haha I love happy accidents
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Somebody explain to me....HOW!!!!! <3 its amazing. all i manage to do on one of these is draw a line XD and tht too it wouldnt be straight
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