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Etching from the imagination

By pikajane
I started etch a sketching a few days ago and this is what happened. I've always been interested in fantasy-oriented environments, and decided to invent a quasi-aquatic prehistoric kind of scenery. I estimate this took about 3 hours.

No references were used, and no sketching or conceptualizing was done beforehand. I started with one thing and kept building upon it until I felt it was complete.

EDIT (7-28-12): I'm so thankful for being awarded a daily deviation for this piece. It was a labor of love, and my favorite thing I've done all summer.

EDIT 2 (4-14-20): I updated the main file with a better quality photo!

You can now get stickers of this design here:

Facebook fanpage:
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Amazing detail
pikajane's avatar
ny-monkey's avatar
That's incredible
pikajane's avatar
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cactusmumkate's avatar
WOW!!! I had such a thing as I was a kid and I know how hard it is only to draw a handful of, you did a awsome job here! :clap:
DrucillaSlater's avatar
*Eyes widen* You never cease to amaze me.
pikajane's avatar
haha aw thanks :)
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silver-lover-forever's avatar
Too amazing for words.......I can't even begin to say how amazing this is :clap::clap:........HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!!!! :xd: lol it's just so incredible!!!!!!
Arkharoth's avatar
F*CK jane! will you ever stop of amaze?! please don't.
Rainbowfish3's avatar
OMG you really did that!? Wow I can never do that in a million years. :)
ShellSys10101's avatar
OMG! you're talent is amazing!
I played with Etch-A-Sketch my whole life and was extremely lucky if I could make a road or a staircase!
Totally Amazing!!!!!!!!!!

:) Thanks for sharing your talent.
DarkOnyix's avatar
how do u draw on these and DON'T TELL me that u only use those wheels or how u call them? Oo
pikajane's avatar
lol I have a lot of practice. ;)
DarkOnyix's avatar
wow u have my respect <3 as all the other artists do ^^
rhyshaug's avatar
Wow, that's so impressive. Well done!
KatieTheWolf98's avatar
Holy bubbles. O.o Amazing >O<
midgetmonkeyalto's avatar
I never thought i'd see something as startingly good as this on an etchasketch.
livinittothemaxx's avatar
the detail is stunning, i love it.
chokowit's avatar
wow i dont even now how to draw on a etch A sketch
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