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Etch A Sketch Business Card



Alas! I finally made my business card!
It took roughly 40 ideas for me to lock in on this one. I have to give a lot of credit to my digital graphics teacher for helping me to develop this design.
I wanted to make my business card something on a physical etch-a-sketch, because I knew it would stick out and send a clear message. I printed a trial run of 12 on cardstock, and cut them myself. At 3.5x4", they're a little more bulky than the traditional 2x3.5" proportions, but I don't mind making that sacrifice.
The font that the type is based off is Futura Medium. It is a font available on Adobe Illustrator.
This etch-a-sketch piece took approximately 2-3 hours to complete. I wanted to be especially careful in rendering this one, because it is something I intend on printing and handing out to others, and I want to give a good first impression of my work. Regretfully, the etch-a-sketch unit itself did not have the best mechanics, and struggled with me by locking up a few times.

EDIT: I am including on the left another image so people can see how the business cards turned out, as well as a better photo of the original business card :)

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