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So I have had a Deviantart for a decent bit of time now but I was never able to understand how points really worked. So I thought I would try to figure that out. I'll start off with small donation requests & then I will try to see how far it goes from there.

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808 Meltan
I do not claim to own the rights to this.
Pokemon is Copyright Nintendo & Gamefreak Studios.
How has nobody uploaded this guy in animated form yet!?
This question also goes for Melmetal.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Day of birth: October 9, 1998
Some Friends on my Wall of Watchers:

Name: RailfanBrony (Zack)
Gender: Male
Country: United states
He makes the most impressive train models I bet anyone has seen on deviantart.
Update: Having kind of rediscovered his work after a couple of years passed I'm glad to see that opinion of him hasn't changed.

Name: Cerulebell (Luke)
Gender: Male
Country: Austrailia
He's pretty okay person too. He usually helps me out when I'm in a struggle. He also recently managed to get himself out there by having his first ever book published.

Name: bigrika
Gender: Female
Country: Germany
This guy had recently worked on some sprites for Cerulebell. I know for one thing. She is pretty good at making Pokemon sprites.

Name: Starsparkless
Gender: Male
Country: United states
He's kind of new to the true friends group & I'll eventually get to know more about him. Even so he's posted some amazing things as well.

Name: VictorCustomizer (Victor Trinidad)
Gender: Male
Country: Brazil
He seems like a nice guy so I'll add him to my Wall of Watchers. I have grown quite fascinated with the Pokémon & other things he makes out of clay which also is made by him.

Name: quanyails
Gender: Female
Country: United States
I have spent some time with this deviant. I have to admit she does pretty good with spriting. Especially when it comes to pokemon from X & Y.

Name: Eminent-Lie
Gender: Female
Country: United States
I actually met her halfway on sudomemo but turns out I have seen her plenty of time before in the past back on Flipnote Hatena. Be sure to actually check out some of her work on here & her other accounts respectively. In my opinion she is actually one heck of a person when it comes to animation. She may have a bit of a colorful language & all that whatnot but to be honest if you push all of that aside, she has quite a bit of a heart & is just as normal as everybody else. Be sure to give her all of the good feedback on her work as you can.

Name: Dracoknight545 (E. Perez)
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Bio: I originally met him around the time I was getting into Pokemon Sweet. When I was looking up deviations of the game I found a bunch of fan made Pokesweets. Some of which were made by him. He to be honest was one of the reasons to why I was inspired to make my own Pokesweets today.

:icondark-sonic-genesis: :iconthatrandomspriter:
Name: Dark-Sonic-Genesis/ThaTRandomSpriter (Braxton)
Gender: male
Country: United States
Bio: I originally found him through his Pokesweet Cookbook. Seeing that it was crafted up by a group of people along side his own creations I thought I would try & make some Pokesweets for the project. In the end some of them actually made the final cut. I do recommend that you guys do check out his work & give him any positive feedback you can give. In many ways I can kind of relate to him in regards to having to work on such a big project.

Name: Sdude1768 (Spencer G. Chapman)
Gender: male
Country: United States
Bio: I originally met him around the time I made a sprite of his Custom Pokesweet, Creamgar. Eventually I ended up asking Dark if he could put it in his cookbook because I feel like he would really appreciate having one of his creations be implemented into a Pokemon game. Making him technically one of the first shoutouts I have done on my channel so-to-speak.

Name: gardehero (Adam)
Gender: male
Country: United Kingdom
Bio: I became acquainted with him around the time Pokemon Rumble World was being launched. I was really fascinated with his work being that he was speculating what the gen 6 Pokemon would look like in the rumble games. note that it could've been done by anyone but what made his stand out in my opinion is that after Rumble world did get released he compared his concepts with some of the actual models.

Name: DaJoeStantator (Joey)
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Bio: Back when I posted Thomas & Friends related stuff on Flipnote Hatena this was one of the few people whom inspired me to become who I am now. Just to see that somebody was posting content of something that they enjoyed doing on a website & back then a rather new one at that. Plus seeing that I have talked with him once or twice only has made me feel more confident in my work.

Name: Asdfmaster999 (Kristen)
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Bio: During my time on Sudomemo I managed to find somebody who worked within a similar field of animation. I started talking with her a couple of times & then it grew to us hitting it off as very close friends & I couldn't of asked for anyone else better than her to be one of my friends.

Name: DragitoArtz (Christin)
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Bio: Yet another person I met through Sudomemo who've slowly went up to ranks of friendship for me. in early 2018 the two of us along with a few other volunteers formed a little group we call DDDz.

Name: JanethePegasus (Mary Long)
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Bio: I originally found this gal on tumblr through the Pokesweets thread when she posted her national cookbook. Since then I have been helping her to fill it up. Hopefully it gets to that point so long as people keep making Pokesweets.
National Cookbook by JanethePegasus

Name: TheClawsOfTheCrew (Kolten)
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Bio: Originally meeting through Discord he & I formed a friendship so strong it was to that of the level of brotherhood. In early 2018 the two of us along with a few other volunteers formed a little group we call DDDz.

Name: starfish9000 (Bethany)
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Bio: This particular watcher is one which I know a bit on a personal level. We've been rather good friends ever since junior year of high school. We even dated at one point. We have quite a lot in common with one another I'm honestly really happy I was able to find someone like her when I did. For she is my silver lining.

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Chespin by Marlenesstamps 652 - Chesnaught by Marlenesstamps BoCo Stamp by Percyfan94 Celebrating 20 Years of Pokemon by journeytothehorizon Team-Litten-Stamp by Aletheiia90 Alvin's trippin Icon by Kaz-Yena Birb intensifies by MF99K Hoovy Curses by EndangeredCDs Stamp: DeviantART Eclipse thing *read description* by AquaChoco1997 No to DeviatArt Eclipse emoticon by Aurora-Alley


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