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Minecraft: Adorabolical House of Flowers
We're going to take a look at my build on Mindcrack Island! MI was a PlayMindcrack attraction where players could buy plots and build a world together, on an island filled with areas themed after the then-29 members of Mindcrack. Unfortunately, lack of attention from developers and Mindcrackers led to interest petering out, but I looked at it and took it as a challenge to make something neat with a limited area and limited selection of blocks. And since I'm a big fan of Team Adorabolical and cuteness in general, I created the Adorabolical House of Flowers at the Adorabolical border on Rellybits's side! These were the palettes I had to work with.

As you approach the Adorabolical House of Flowers from spawn or Aureylian's portal at night, it glows to greet you~
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greenREMIX Journal Skin v2 by pikadudeno1 greenREMIX Journal Skin v2 :iconpikadudeno1:pikadudeno1 248 34
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Be there for anyone who needs a little help.
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Stay level-headed. Never let your rage show itself... except on those who disregard FAQ #873.
Never reveal your secret identity. Your pointy ears and disconnected hands/feet are a bit of a giveaway, but the idea is to never allow your identity to be definitively known.
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I've got a few character-themed collections. Check them out: Kirby and Friends
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rimnam by garun rimnam :icongarun:garun 3,749 677


(x-posted from my personal blog)

This is a post about Steel-Fairy Pokémon, because it's my blog and no one can make me not dedicate a post to Steel-Fairy Pokémon. It's a fantastic defensive typing with 10 resistances, 2 immunities, and only 2 weaknesses, but what I really want to talk about are some amusing coincidences concerning Pokémon with such typing.

There are exactly three species of Steel-Fairies - Mawile, Klefki, and Magearna. It so happens that each one specializes in a different category of move:
  • Mawile is a Physical specialist, having a movepool that's well-suited to physical attacking, and a good Attack stat that goes sky-high if it Mega Evolves
  • Magearna is a Special specialist, having excellent Sp. Attack and the exclusive Fleur Cannon move
  • Klefki is a Status specialist, having the Prankster ability and learning many status moves, including the exclusive Fairy Lock and the rare Crafty Shield

This may bring to mind the RPG character archetypes of Fighter, Mage, Thief. In fact, according to Pokemon Sun's Pokédex, Klefki is literally a thief (source).

If a fanartist would do me a favor and draw Mawile, Magearna, & Klefki as a Fighter, Mage, & Thief adventuring party, I'd love that~


I've discovered a data-eating bug that's been around since Deviant Love 2.5.1 and 3.0 Alpha 2 - if you use the in-report subaccounts editor to make any changes to your subaccounts, they'll get saved to the wrong copy of your data, but soon after be overwritten by the "correct" copy. The workaround for this is to access Deviant Love's options from your extensions manager, and edit your subaccounts list from there. I know what caused this and will soon release 2.5.4 and 3.0 Alpha 3 with a fix. Thanks for your patience.
I've got both a stable release and an alpha for you today! The stable version, 2.5.4, has the codename "Volt Tackle", Pikachu's signature move and Final Smash. It has bug fixes that went into both versions, so we'll start by explaining that one.

Memory Hole Plugged

These versions fixed the data loss bug that affected the in-report subaccounts editor, so now you can add subaccounts any way you like without Deviant Love forgetting about them.

A Fix for Firefox

You're supposed to be able to right-click anywhere on a faved deviation to get the option to have Deviant Love tell you about its artist, but in Firefox, right-clicking directly on the artist's name didn't work. That's now fixed.

Get It

Version 3.0 Alpha 3 has the codename "Catastropika", the Z-Move upgrade to Volt Tackle. As you can see, Catastropika has an adorable powering-up sequence❤️

This version has every bug fix above, plus a few changes of its own.

The Action Bar

The action bar replaces the find bar in Deviant Love 3.0, and will be the place to access all of Deviant Love's periphery features. In addition to Find, you can get to the extension's options from here. Opening Find will auto-focus the search box, so finding things shouldn't take any more clicks than they did before.

3.0a3 Action Bar by pikadudeno1

Hiding an Android's Heart

When you move away from a Faves page, the now-nonfunctional heart should automatically disappear - the fact that it didn't do so on Firefox for Android is bug 1485863. I've put a partial workaround into Deviant Love, so as long as you go to a new page the heart will disappear - but sometimes, DeviantArt sneakily keeps you on the same page while changing the URL in the address bar. It's possible for me to hide the heart in that case, too, but I'll need more time to work on it.

Three Cheers for Chrome

Using the stable version and the preview version side-by-side used to get pretty confusing in Chrome, as they had the exact same icon. Now Chrome users will see a "3" in the icon of Deviant Love 3.0 preview releases.

Join Testing

Firefox: Here's 3.0 Alpha 3 - if you're currently on a stable version, it'll replace that and keep its settings, and you should be able to go back to the stable version if you change your mind. Though it supports Android, the interface doesn't do much to adapt to smartphone-sized screens yet.

Chrome: Get Deviant Love Preview - it'll run alongside the stable version, but doesn't share settings with it.

The Future

The action bar was just the prelude - the next planned alpha will have the codename "Extreme Evoboost" and will feature many more design changes to make Deviant Love more fun, easier to use, and smartphone-friendly. I might even have a preliminary form of skins ready. And don't worry, I haven't forgotten that some Firefoxers want the sidebar back!

Support the Developer

I'm currently unsalaried, and it would be nice if making nice things meant I could buy nice things, too. Send me a Ko-Fi, or give the gift of Points or a Core Membership.
3.0 Alpha 3 needed a last-minute bug fix; good thing it wasn't published last night. Source code has been re-released on GitHub, and there'll be an official release announcement shortly.
Started the release process for the new Deviant Love versions, but got too sleepy to finish. 2.5.4 is published, source code for both versions is available, and changelog is updated. Publishing of 3.0 Alpha 3 and official release announcement will come sometime after sleeps. Good night.
The codenames for the next Deviant Love releases will be "Volt Tackle" (stable version) and "Catastropika" (alpha). I might have them ready tonight.



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